Phonics & Reading Statement

At Starbank, shared reading, guided reading, individual reading and independent reading is integrated to create a comprehensive and cohesive reading curriculum to develop enthusiastic, autonomous and perceptive readers. The reading curriculum facilitates mastery of a wide range of reading skills pupils need – from strategies for decoding to understanding themes in a longer novel.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, the teacher introduces concepts of print and teaches synthetic phonic skills using the Letters and Sounds curriculum within ability groups on a daily basis. A range of schemes are used to support our phonics provision including LCP to plan and Jolly Phonics.

In addition to focusing on decoding, there is an emphasis on checking that the children understand what is read, their views on the story and linking this to other experiences. This is continued into KS2 to embed early reading skills where needed.

A range of reading schemes are used to support early readers as well as guided reading. Once pupils are confident readers, we encourage teachers to use a range of quality to texts to teaching reading skills.


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