Pupil Absence / Holiday Leave

Family holidays should be taken during school holidays when the school is closed.

Holidays taken during school time will not be authorised.

We are well aware that many of our students still have a lot of family members abroad, particularly in Pakistan and Bangladesh and that sometimes requests for holidays are linked to illness of a family member or linked to a family wedding. We do not authorise such absences. As such you run the risk of being fined for taking your child out of school. We really do not want that to happen.

Parents considering taking their child out of school must ask at one of the school offices and an appointment with Mr Hudson or Mrs Dosanjh will be arranged. Where families view it as absolutely essential that their child goes abroad it is important that any absence is kept to a minimum and your child’s attendance is normally close to 100%. It is especially important that you avoid taking your child out of school in Year 6.


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