Behaviour for Learning

There is a clear and consistent approach to rewards across the school. This is built upon the premise that all pupils will exhibit good behaviour for learning. Pupils are rewarded for exceptional attitudes to learning and contributions to school life.

Half Termly

Two pupils are chosen from each class for exceptional and consistent, behaviour, attitude and work throughout the whole half term. Parents of the chosen pupils are invited to a ‘Stars Assembly’ and the pupils are allowed to wear non uniform for the whole day. Pupils are presented with a certificate and prize to take home.

Weekly Rewards

Class teachers choose two pupils that have been consistently been working hard.

It could be for good behaviour choices, attitude towards their learning or for exceptional work in a subject. The names are entered into a reward book, with the reason for their reward. This is celebrated in an assembly, where each pupil receives a certificate to take home with them.

In KS1 and KS2 the Learning Mentors choose two pupils from each class who have exhibited excellent lunchtime behaviour. These pupils are awarded the privilege of eating their lunch at Top Table on Friday.

Daily Rewards


In KS1 the Good to be Green behaviour system is used to motivate pupils to develop good attitudes to learning and school life.

Each KS1 class has a ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour chart.  All children have their own ‘Good to be Green’ card in a named pocket.  All pupils begin each day with a Green card.

Every day a pupil starts with a ‘Good to be Green’ Card in a named pocket.  These cards are replaced with Silver or Gold cards for exceptional behaviour.

GOLD BEHAVIOUR To always do your best and trying hard
Following the Learning Zone rules
Keeping your hands and feet off the walls and displays in classrooms and corridors
Paying attention to all adults
Choosing the right time to go to the toilet at break time or lunchtime
Always remembering your manners by saying please and thank you, opening the door for people
Showing good learning behaviour
Showing respect for people all the time
SILVER BEHAVIOUR Awarded throughout the day for those pupils who display exemplary behaviour and give others a role model to aspire towards.
GREEN BEHAVIOUR Sitting on your chair or the carpet showing you are ready to learn
Concentrating in class and trying your best not to be distracted
Remember to always use your manners
Be in the right place at the right time
Look after all school equipment
Take turns and share
Always try your best
Listening when adults and other children are talking

KS2 and KS3

In Key Stage 2 and 3 the epraise online reward system is used to encourage, motivate and engage students of all abilities to work hard and commit themselves to all aspects of school life.

Praise points are awarded to the students under the following Categories:


Outcomes If a pupil has achieved the outcome or improved outcomes
Assessments This may link to a weekly spelling or tables test, summative or formative
Improvement Improving in any area of the curriculum
Communication and Language
Progress Linked to any area of school life


Value of the month A pupil showing one of our assembly values. This also includes moral values (integrity, courage, respect, fairness, honesty and compassion)
Respect Showing respect for others ideas and points of view in learning time and social times

Learning Attitudes



Extra-Curricular rewards will be given for participation in a club or achieving well at a club.
Choir, Orchestra, Sports events, gardening, cooking club, representing the school.


Reward points are recorded on epraise. Pupils and parents can track their rewards on line.

Pupils are awarded the following prizes/experiences when they reach a milestone.

Certificates are generated through the epraise system and presented in the weekly rewards assembly.

SLT are able to monitor the reward system online to ensure that points are allocated consistently to different groups across the key stages.


BRONZE 50 points Certificate and postcard home and bookmark
SILVER 100 points Certificate and stationery
GOLD 200 points Certificate and Lunchtime Treat
SAPHIRE 300 points Certificate and afternoon tea
RUBY 400 points Certificate and session with Sports Coach
DIAMOND 500 points Certificate and Half Day Trip


BRONZE 50 points Certificate and bronze badge
SILVER 100 points Certificate and choice of stationary
GOLD 200 points Certificate and afternoon activity with Pastoral Leader
SAPHIRE 300 points Certificate and Disco Evening
RUBY 400 points Certificate and priority queue at lunch times for half a term
DIAMOND 500 points Certificate and End of Year Trip
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