Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding allocated to schools for children who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at some point in the last 6 years (Ever-6) and children who have been looked after (LAC) continuously for more than 6 months.

The Government has introduced this additional funding to address underlying inequalities between non FSM and children who are in lower income families. As a group, children eligible for free school meals have lower educational attainment than their peers.

This funding enables schools to provide extra support to these disadvantaged groups, targeting pupils who need it most helping to reduce the attainment gap.

Starbank Pupil Premium Funding allocations

2013-2014 £418,500
2014-2015 £630,500

Starbank aims to utilise the funding to enhance current provision and provide opportunities for children and families to support their learning experience in a wide variety of ways.

Use of Funding and Evaluation

A high percentage of the funding has been used to subsidise salaries for additional support staff

  • Pastoral Manager to target persistent absence and improve attendance. To provide a valuable link between home and school, offering parental support to the most vulnerable families.

Targeting attendance has been proven to raise educational attainment, the pastoral manager works with families to find solutions to help overcome issues relating to persistent absence.

  • Learning Mentors and Sports Coach for additional lunchtime support to develop social confidence.

Children are integrated in play/sport activities this has improved lunchtime behaviour and had a positive impact on afternoon learning.

  • Community Coordinators for parental support.

Workshops and activities to encourage parental involvement have promoted ‘whole family’ learning, improved self esteem and enabled parents to better support their child in the classroom. It has also helped to integrate families much more with education and its importance for their children.

  • Additional Teaching Assistants for intervention and 1 to 1support for the most vulnerable children.

Supporting children on a 1 to 1 basis benefits all children as it prevents classroom disruption

  • Staff to provide out of hours ‘one to one’ tuition and booster classes

Targeting of specific children raises their attainment level.

 A percentage of the grant funding has been allocated to support intervention initiatives and resources including:

  • Curriculum Visits school subsidises the cost of educational trips
  • After school sport clubs offer a wide variety of sport/multi skills activities this has increased opportunities to compete at community level.
  • Rocket Radio promotes speaking and listening skills via the media of radio which boosts confidence and self esteem.
  • Reading Recovery trained staff give intense individual and personally targeted support which has raised reading attainment levels
  • Music Service offers weekly lessons using a variety of musical instruments this is very popular with KS2 children

Grant allocations are made on a financial year basis, teaching and learning is assessed over the academic year.


Overview academic year 2013-2014

The data below is taken from our 2014 Raise online document and based on our 2014 end of Key stage 2 results. It shows that in all subject areas our children outperformed the national figure for expected pupil progress in both categories(Free School Meals and non-FSM). 

School National School National School National
FSM 93 86     96 88 100 90 SIG+
Non FSM 100 91 97 92 100 94

In all subjects our FSM children did significantly better than FSM children nationally.

Starbank also exceeds National in terms of attainment data. The following table refers to Average Points Score in the 2014 SATs

School National School National
FSM 29.7 27.0     29.2 26.9
Non FSM 30.6 29.4 31.2 31.2


For further information please visit http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/premium


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