Starbank Uniform

Dressing for Excellence

At Starbank School, we are determined to achieve excellence in every dimension of the life and work of our school. This ambition includes aspiring to the highest possible standards of the school uniform.

Achieving a high standard of school uniform is essential as it:

  • Represents our school as a centre of high standards, ambition and educational excellence
  • Promotes positive and professional work ethic and encourages a focus on learning
  • Contributes to school security and personal safety
  • Supports a positive behaviour
  • Protects our young people from social pressure to dress in a particular way
  • Promotes positive relationships between young people
  • Fosters a spirit of partnership in our school community

Primary Uniform

Primary Main Uniform

Red sweatshirts and polo shirts with the School Badge can be brought at the school, though ordinary red jumpers and polo shirts can also be worn.


Grey trousers or shorts in the summer.

White long sleeved shirt or polo shirt

Red sweatshirt / jumper.


Grey pinafore, shirts or shalwar kameez.

White blouse or polo shirt.

Red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan.

In the summer, girls are allowed to wear a red and white check or striped dress.


All children must ware school shoes, sensible and flat with plain grey or white school socks or tights.

No trainers or open toe sandals.


Jewellery is not allowed.

Primary PE Kit

All children need:

  • Black shorts or tracksuit trousers
  • Red T-Shirt
  • Pair of indoor pumps

A small pump bag is required to keep there PE kit in that can be put on their peg.

Please ensure that EVERY item of clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.


Secondary Uniform

Secondary Main Uniform

School Blazers

A grey blazer with a Starbank School badge should be worn by all young people.
Blazers should be worn to and from school. Blazers should also be worn in school at all times, but can be removed during lessons.

These are available from Clive Mark:Boys Blazer Girls Blazer


A bespoke grey knit v-neck jumper with a red stripe must be worn by both girls and boys.

These are available from Clive Mark:School Jumper


A formal white school shirt must be worn.

These can be purchased form a retailer of your choice.


A school tie must be worn at all times.

These are available from Clive Mark:School Tie


Trousers must be formal tailored black school trousers.

These can be purchased form a retailer of your choice.


A black school skirt can be chosen and should be either a pleated skirt or a long skirt. Skirts should be of an appropriate length – as a rule, skirts should be worn no higher than the knee, with plain black tights.

These can be purchased form a retailer of your choice.


Black school shoes (low heeled) should be worn at all times. No trainers of any description should be worn.

Head Scarf

Muslim girls who wish to cover their heads for religious reasons, must

Hair, Headware and Accessories

For reasons of safety jewellery is not allowed.

Hair must be of a natural colour and in an appropriate style. No tramlines, Mohicans, extreme styling or hair / eyebrow designs.

Pupils may cover their hair for religious/cultural reasons may do so by wearing a plain black head scarf which should be securely attached.

For Girls, small, plain ear studs may be worn (one stud in each ear only).

Hairbands/Clips should be in school colours.

No makeup, false nails or coloured nail varnish.


A suitable dark school bag should be used.

Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor coats must be of dark colours.

No leather or demin jackets or hoodies are allowed.

Hats, scarves and gloves must be plain black.

Secondary PE Kit

Tracksuit Jacket

A black tracksuit jacket with the Starbank School Badge and red stripes.

These are available from Clive Mark:PE Tracksuit Jacket

Tracksuit Trousers

Black tracksuit trousers with a red stripe should be worn.

These are available from Clive Mark:PE Tracksuit Trousers

Polo Shirt

A black polo shirt with the Starbank School Badge and red stripe should be worn.

These are available from Clive Mark:Boys Polo Shirt Girls Polo Shirt


Black or White trainers or plimsolls must be worn. No fashion shoes or pumps.

PE Bag

PE drawstring bag with the school logo must be used.

These are available from Clive Mark:PE Bag


Black swimming costume or trunks.

What can Parents do?

  • Participate fully in the consultation in your child’s school to agree the list of approved items for its uniform/dress code.
  • Make sure you are aware of the benefits of wearing school uniform and discuss these with your child.
  • Stay committed to it – sometimes the road maybe rocky, but it is worth showing your commitment.
  • Keep in contact with the school and other parents; a united approach will reinforce the message to children and young people.
  • If you are contacted by the school to inform you that your child has not worn any or part of the approved uniform, discuss it with him/her; set out your expectations and revisit the benefits.
  • Praise your child for wearing the full school uniform. Tell your child how smart he/she looks.


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