KS3 Curriculum Statements

KS3 Curriculum Information

We want every student to thoroughly enjoy learning.  With high expectations, we aim to develop confident, inquiring individuals – young people who are equipped to achieve their full potential.

Our curriculum is varied and rich, incorporating a range of learning experiences and opportunities that ensure every student achieves and succeeds.

This booklet contains a brief outline of the subjects and topics your child will study in Key Stage 3 and gives guidelines on how parents can provide support.

All students in year 7 and 8 will study the following subjects:

The Citizenship/SRE curriculum will be taught during assemblies, form tutor time and Citizenship days (one every half term).

Our timetable has 25 lessons in every week. We organise the lessons over a 2-week period as this makes it possible to give each subject a sensible amount of time.

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