Students Learning Behaviour

This Code of Conduct is here to help students to make the right choices about their behaviour.  There is nothing here that is difficult to do.  Students will be expected to behave in this way in every lesson.

Ensure that mobile phones are turned off
Enter the classroom in a quiet, orderly way
Wear correct uniform properly
Wear no jewellery
Do not chew gum
Remove outdoor coats and hats in the building
Bring the correct equipment e.g. pen pencil, planner, PE kit
Have a positive attitude and be ready to learn
WHEN ENTERING THE ROOM Sit in your correct seat
Put your bag on the floor
Put pens, pencils, ruler and planner on the desk
DURING THE LESSON Listen carefully when the teacher or another student is talking.
Follow instructions
If you want to speak, put up your hand.
Have a positive attitude to learning and contribute in lesson
Don’t spoil the learning of others by distracting them
Stay in your seat
Write your homework in your planner
Do not graffiti on work, books, planner or desk
AT THE END OF THE LESSON Pack up when asked and follow instructions
Leave the room quietly only when asked to do so
Please put litter in the bin
Check your uniform is correct
BETWEEN LESSONS Walk on the left side of the corridor and stairs.
Absolutely no food or drink on corridors
Walk in a safe orderly fashion directly to your next lesson
Follow instructions from a member of staff at the first time of asking.
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