Enrichment Activities

Our students have access to exciting and engaging enrichment programmes which include extra-curricular classes, trips, visits and special events. We provide residential and personal development experiences, opportunities for young people to participate in their local community, and a comprehensive programme of after- school clubs and activities.  Enrichment activities will run after school, these activities may include sports, music and drama.  An up-to-date timetable will be issued to students in early September. We encourage all students to take part in at least one enrichment activity per week.

Curriculum Enhancement and Enrichment Days

All pupils have the opportunity to participate in additional activities throughout the year.  Such opportunities are planned to enhance students learning beyond the classroom and to enable them to work with other pupils and adults within the local community and in the world of education and work.

Enrichment, Enterprise & Citizenship Opportunities include:-

  • Health & Fitness Activities
  • Insight into industry projects
  • Educational Visits
  • Arts projects
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