Starbank School is part of Star Academies.

An Academy Transition Board is currently in place. Transition Boards operate as an interim local governing body for an agreed period of time post conversion to academy status.

Name Date of Appointment. Type of Appointment. Attendance 2020/21
Lisa Crausby 07/10/2020 Trust: Chair 4/4
Gaetano Ferrante 07/10/2020 Staff: Principal 4/4
Navdeep Malhi 07/10/2020 Staff: Principal 4/4
Nadim Riaz 07/10/2020 Staff: Principal 4/4
Hajra Rifat 07/10/2020 Staff: Principal 4/4
Mufti Hamid Patel 07/10/2020 Trust 3/4
Julie Bradley 07/10/2020 Trust 4/4
Deborah Pearson 01/09/2021 Trust N/A

Business and Pecuniary Interest

Name Business Interest 2021/22 Pecuniary Interest 2021/22
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date From
Lisa Crausby None N/A N/A None
Gaetano Ferrante None N/A N/A None
Navdeep Malhi None N/A N/A None
Nadim Riaz None N/A N/A None
Hajra Rifat None N/A N/A None
Mufti Hamid Patel Shine Charity Director December 2012 None
Star Academies Chief Executive May 2013
Education Partnership Trust Director December 2012
Ofsted Director September 2019
Confederation of School Trust Director September 2019
Julie Bradley None N/A N/A None
Deborah Pearson None N/A N/A None


Funding Agreements

The Trust Master Funding Agreement provides the framework within which the Trust operates. Each school within the Trust has a separate Supplemental Funding Agreement.

The Trust Master Funding Agreement can be accessed by clicking here.

The Academy Supplemental Funding Agreement can be accessed by clicking here.

Associated Documentation

  • Click here to view our Star Scheme of Delegation
  • Click here to view information about the Star Board of Trustees and Star members
  • Click here to view the Trust Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Click here to view the Trustees Report and Audited Financial Statements