Our Logo


The story behind our school logo…

Our Logo

The story behind our school logo…

Three Point Star

The three point star represents the trinity of locations that form a six form secondary school, meeting in the middle to achieve something special.

Tiny Stars

Inspired by the “tiny stars” that form when particles collide to form exciting new particles, while the shape draws it’s simplicity from scientific symbols.

Rounded points

Rounded points make the logo look friendlier and are complemented by the rounded font, to make an all-age inclusive logo.

Where All Elements Meet

A triangle stands in the middle where all elements meet. This represents the School as a whole. Triangles are associated with power, energy, strength and purpose.

Slight Rotation

The slight rotation gives movement and a dynamic to the star, and balances the weight of the capital ‘S’.

Font Selection

The selected font has rounded ends to match the rounded points of the star and feature a calligraphy “a” as taught in earlier years.