Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to inform you of changes to the behaviour system. The new behaviour system will come into immediate effect from Monday 9th March 2020. All pupils present this week have been notified of these changes. The Behaviour Policy is now live on the school website. During assemblies, I have also shared how we will reward pupils who demonstrate our STAR values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect. I would like to highlight some of the key elements of the new system:

  • Pupils who arrive late to school will receive a 30 minute detention at the end of the school day.
  • Failure to attend the after-school detention will result in the pupil being placed in the Impact Centre the following day. This is to support our drive to improve punctuality and attendance.
  • Pupils who disturb the learning (with one of the disruptive behaviours highlighted in the Behaviour Policy) will be given one warning and if they do not rectify their behaviour, then they will be removed from the lesson. They will be referred to the Impact Centre until the following day. For example, if the pupil is referred during Period 2 on a Tuesday, s/he will remain in the Impact Centre until the end of period 2 on Wednesday.
  • If a pupil commits a red line behaviour, s/he will be immediately referred to the Impact Centre and in some cases, a fixed-term exclusion may be deemed more appropriate.
  • Pupils referred to the Impact Centre will be supervised at all times and will follow a focused timetable. They will also receive an hour’s detention on the day of the referral. You will be notified of the referral and the detention.
  • Mobile phones must not be seen on the school premises. These areas have been clearly marked by a red line on the pathways into school. If parents/carers need to make contact with their child, please contact the school office or Head of Year who will assist in messages being passed on to pupils. Please do not expect your child to receive or send messages during school hours.

Pupils have a key role to play in helping to make the school an exceptional place to learn. It is imperative that all pupils come to school on time, ready to learn. I would like to thank you for continued co-operation and support in helping to make Starbank School, a community, which embraces our STAR values.

Yours faithfully,

Mr G Ferrante
Secondary Headteacher

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