The process to apply to study at Starbank for Reception to Secondary is managed through Birmingham City Council.

Apply for a Nursery place.

Starbank has a Nursery on the Starbank  and Bierton  sites. To apply for a Nursery place please visit the Starbank or Bierton Road offices. Please take along your child’s birth certificate.  Our office administrators will support you in completing the process.

Apply for a Reception place.

Reception is the first year of primary school. It comes after Nursery, but before Year 1.

Children in Birmingham can go to school (Reception) in the September after their 4th birthday.

To apply to attend our reception you must go through the Birmingham School Admissions site:


Apply for a Secondary (year 7) place.

For entry to Year 7, children on roll in Year 6 at Starbank School will automatically transfer to Year 7.

To apply to start at Starbank School in year 7 and are coming from a different school please apply through Birmingham City Councils Admissions Site:


In-Year Admissions

Pupils usually start school at the start of the school year in September. Sometimes your child will need to start or change school after this because:

  • You move house, either within or into Birmingham.
  • You want your child to change schools for other reasons.

To apply for a in-year admission to Starbank School, please come or contact us directly.

We are currently full in all year groups but we will ask you to complete an application form and then you will be put on a waiting list.