Dear Parents and Carers,

As the school year is coming to its close, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Starbank School in what has been an extremely strange and demanding year. To many people, I owe thanks. I thank our keyworkers, who have contributed to us all keeping safe and well over the last few months. I thank our staff who have kept the school open for our keyworkers during the lock down period and have subsequently enabled us to welcome back Year 10 before the summer. I thank the FACE Team who have provided excellent support for our families most in need in the Starbank Community. And finally I thank you, the parents for keeping your children at home while trying to balance your working lives with trying to keep them learning.

Throughout all this our children have been resilient and have responded positively to all of the alterations and changes that have happened along the way. They are to be praised and are commended and I am sure you are proud of them for this.



Arrangements for September

As I write to you, we are actively finalising our planning for the year ahead and we are confident that the school will open to all students in September 2020. On the basis that there is no change to the current mandatory expectation for all students to return to education at the start of the autumn term, we will reintegrate students back gradually over the first couple of weeks using the following format.

Tuesday 1st September Start of academic year 2020-2021  – Staff Inset (school closed for all students)
Wednesday 2nd September Year 7 only – 8.30am -3.00pm
Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September

Year 7 – 8.30am

Year 10 – 8.45am

Year 11 – 9.15am

Monday 7th September

Y7, 10 and 11 (from 8.15am – more information to follow)

Year 8 – 9.45am

Year 9 – 10.15am

Tuesday 8th September All year groups (more information to follow)

Staggering the start of the school year will enable school leaders and teachers to provide students with a programme of induction as well as outline how the curriculum has been adapted and strengthened.  We are confident that this will help the transition process post lockdown. As you know the school has changed its school day and week from September and the plans are to follow this as much as possible although some slight adaptations will have to be made to make sure break and lunchtimes run smoothly. I will be writing to you all again with detailed plans for September sometime in mid-August.

Year 11 Exam results

The school has now submitted centre assessed GCSE grades to awarding bodies for our Year 11 students and we eagerly await the publication of results on Thursday 20th August 2020. All year 11 parents and students will now have received a letter from the school explaining the plans for results day and how the school will support with advice. On behalf of all staff, I would like to wish all of our Year 11 students a fond farewell, and best wishes for the future.


I would like to thank all parents and students who make every effort to keep to our uniform regulations. As you are aware we will be joining Star Academies next term. The new Year 7 joining us in September will be arriving in the new uniform which has been shared with all parents on the transition website page  The expectation will be that all Year 7 will be in the new Starbank uniform. This has been shared with you all below. However if your child is in Year 8, 9, 10 or 11, you may continue to wear the current Starbank uniform until you are ready to change into the new one. There is no deadline for this but we are making you aware that Clive Mark have now stopped selling the uniform. The school will however have a number of uniform items which will be made available to families at a reduced cost and this information will be made available to you sometime in September. This might be a short term solution for parents of Year 11 students who would prefer to remain in the current uniform for their final year.


Key dates for academic year:

Autumn Term 2020

Spring Term 2021

Summer Term 2021

Tuesday 1st September – Start of academic Year – Staff Inset

Spring Term begins

Monday 4th January

Summer Term begins

Monday 19th April

Wednesday 2nd September – students return to school in staggered approach as explained above.



Half Term 1 ends Friday 23rd  October

Half Term 3 ends

Friday 12th February

Half term 5 ends Friday 28th May

Half Term Holiday

Monday 26th October- Friday 30th October

Half Term Holiday

Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February

Half Term Holiday

Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June

End of Autumn Term

Friday 18th December

End of Spring Term

Thursday 1st April

End of Summer Term

Friday 16th July

Christmas Holiday Monday 21st December – Friday 1st January

Easter Holiday Friday 2nd April – Friday 16th April



Please note that, not all Staff INSET dates have been confirmed. As soon as we have these dates, we will share them with you. We expect Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st July to be staff inset days.

School Events in the new academic year 2020-2021

Please note that the guidance we have received is that there will no parents’ evenings in school for at least the Autumn Term. However, we will be providing you with regular progress reports and making contact through phone calls. We await further guidance and will update you with more information in the coming months.


I would like to wish farewell to the following teachers and pastoral staff who will be leaving us this summer. Mr Ali, Mr Takhar, Ms Roy in English, Mr Aghaz in Mathematics, Ms Webber in DT, Ms Manning from Inclusion, Mr Tatt, Mr Wray, Mr Kamran and Mr Amin from the pastoral team.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish them well for the future and to thank them all for their contribution and dedication to the students of Starbank School.

We welcome

I would like to welcome the following staff, Ms Taswar, Mr Bucknor, Ms Chowdhury and Ms Ahmed in English, Ms Hajimoradi in Mathematics, Mr Dhaliwal in Geography and Ms Shujah in Science.


May I take this opportunity to wish you a restful and safe summer break and I look forward to welcoming all students back in September. A final reminder that I will be writing to you with the final arrangements for September, sometime in mid-August. Please make sure you look out for my letter which will contain very important information about the logistics of the school day and guidance on remaining safe whilst we begin to live with the virus.

Stay Safe

Best wishes





Mr. Gaetano Ferrante
Secondary Headteacher