Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time, where staff, pupils and yourselves are having to get used to a whole new way of teaching and learning. Our staff have been working extremely hard to ensure that they are able to use MS Teams effectively in order to continue to provide the high quality education for your child that we have always provided at Starbank. As you can appreciate, there will at times be technical and navigational issues which we will swiftly act upon. We are proud of our achievements so far and it has been rewarding to hear the positive feedback that you have given to staff during your welfare calls.

It is important to realise that when pupils are learning remotely, they are joining ‘live’ lessons. It is our expectation that all pupils continue to follow the curriculum, attend their lessons every day and engage and participate with the learning that is taking place. We expect all of our pupils to behave respectfully and work hard, just like they would at school. It is important that you encourage them and ensure that they do this.

Parent Expectations

  • Ensure as far as possible that your child can access their lessons in a quiet environment.
  • Support your child by ensuring that you know their timetable, so that they are punctual for all of their ‘live’ lessons.
  • Ensure that you know your child’s MS Teams login details.
  • Where possible, ensure that you are able to see and hear your child’s online lessons.
  • Always encourage your child to participate fully with all of their on line lessons.
  • Ensure that your child completes and submits all work that is set by their class teacher (see instructions below).
  • Ensure that no part of the live lessons are recorded by your child, yourself or by any other family members.
  • Do not communicate with the class teacher during a live lesson as this will disrupt the learning of all pupils in the class.
  • Ensure that your child takes care of any equipment that has been loaned by the school and use it only for online learning.
  • Ensure your child does not engage with and participate in any private messages and chats with other pupils, during and after live lessons. It is important that your child understands that Microsoft Teams is not a social media platform, it a platform for learning.

It has come to our attention, that while pupils are engaging successfully and enthusiastically with their live learning, not all are completing and submitting work that is set for them. Our expectation is that all pupils complete set work, so that their teacher can provide them with feedback and what their next steps are. It is now more important than ever that all pupils continue to know and understand what they need to continue to work on as well as the progress that they are making.

Pupils submitting their work will now be a whole school focus where SLT, phase leaders and class teachers will be monitoring who completes and submits their work. Pupils who we are concerned about will receive a phone call from a member of the senior leadership team to discuss the issue and to identify the steps that we will take in order to rectify it.

We are aware that Microsoft Teams is a new learning experience for all of our parents but it is important that you are able to navigate and use it in order to support the learning of your child. To support you with this, below are the steps that you need to follow in order to be able to use and navigate Microsoft Teams successfully and effectively.

Login details:

Your child’s login details will have been sent out. This consists of a school email address and a unique password (consisting of numbers and letters).  It is important that you keep these login details safe as they will need them to access their emails and online learning through Teams. If you have misplaced these details or your child has forgotten them, please email your child’s class teacher.

Accessing Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is available as a free download from the app store on most Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded onto both tablets and mobile phones. Search for ‘Microsoft Teams’ on your regular app store and then download directly from here. Once your child has logged into Microsoft Teams, they should be able to see the screen below:

Microsoft Teams can also be downloaded and accessed through PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Details about how to do this are on our school website.

Purpose of and accessing Class Materials:

When locating work, the teacher sets for your child on Teams, you will find it in a folder called Class Materials (in General or in your Childs’ intervention group if that is where the work is set).  This is a special folder available within the files area of the class team, read-only for students while leaving full permissions for teachers. Your child will be able to access all of the resources that their teacher has used during the lesson.

Along the top of the Team, you will see different tabs, namely ‘Posts’, ‘Files’, ‘Class Notebook’, ‘Assignments’ and ‘+’ as shown in the picture below. These are where you can access different features within the Team.

  • ‘Posts’ is where general conversations regarding classwork/home learning can take place. Pupils are able to post a comment, and can also reply to others’ comments and questions. You can also upload/attach files, pictures and documents into a post.
  • ‘Files’ is where your child can access Word documents, PowerPoints etc. saved by their teacher. Files may be organised into different folders – simply click the folder to access the files within. Pupils can open a file by clicking on its name. They can also collaborate on a document – all changes made can be seen by everyone who is a member of the team – great for working together on a project or sharing questions.
  • The ‘+’ icon is where your child can access other Microsoft apps (i.e. Word, PowerPoint) and where your child’s class teacher may save frequently used websites.

To go through all the steps above and any other feature of MS Teams your child may use, please watch the student and parent guide by clicking the link below:

Below is a pupil guide on how to use MS Teams assignments

Below is a parent’s guide to Microsoft 365. All of the resources are free to access, although you will need to register on the website:

Please do access this website. It will support you in being able to successfully support your child’s online learning. You will find the website through a link that has been posted on the school website.


Yours sincerely,

The Senior Leadership Team

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