Spanish (Primary)


Spanish (Primary)

At Starbank we believe that the learning of a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all pupils.  Pupils will develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for their future language learning. Through planned topics pupils develop linguistic competence, extend their knowledge of how language works and explore differences and similarities between a foreign language and English.

Learning Spanish raises the awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world and introduces an international dimension to pupils’ learning, giving them an insight into their own culture and those of others. Our topics provide a medium for cross-curricular links and for the reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects.

Spanish Curriculum Map

Year 1

Autumn 1
How are you?
Revise Reception work.

Good morning, good afternoon.

Autumn 2
Autumn time
Numbers 1-10

5 more colours

Spring 1
Rhymes, songs and games
Songs and rhymes about animals


Spring 2
Farmyard animals

Songs about the farmyard

Summer 1
Winter and summer
I am cold, I am hot

‘Oso Marrón’ story – Brown Bear

Summer 2
Summer picnic
Fruits and drinks

I would like…

Role play

Year 2

Autumn 1
¿Qué tal?
Revise Reception/Yr 1 work.

Good night

Autumn 2
Numbers 1-20


Songs and rhymes

Spring 1
In the zoo
Revise Autumn work.

Wild animals

‘Querido Zoo’ story – Dear Zoo

Colours of animals

Spring 2
In the zoo
I’m hungry/thirsty

Foods x 5

Café role play – I would like, what would you like?, here you go

Summer 1
El pollo Pepe
Revise Spring work.

‘El pollo Pepe’ story

5 holiday words

Summer 2
Summer time
Buying an ice cream – I Would like, what would you like?, here you go, you’re welcome

Year 3

Autumn 1
In the classroom

Greetings / name

How are you?

Numbers 0-10

El día de los muertos

Grammar: Exploration of recognising and answering a question

Autumn 2
Calendar and celebrations

Numbers 11-20


Christmas in Spain and Latin America

Grammar: understanding and writing simple sentences

Spring 1
Describing domestic animals Likes and dislike

Endangered species

Grammar: recognising and understanding noun-adjective agreement

Spring 2
Frida Kahlo & Easter
Discovering Frida



Easter in Spain

Grammar: using basic language structures to describe a painting

Summer 1
Miró and shapes

Finding shapes

Creating a Miró styly painting

Describing my own painting

Grammar: accuracy in writing descriptive simple sentences

Summer 2
“La oruga muy hambrienta”
Fruit and vegetables

Days of the week

Likes and dislikes

Asking for food items

Grammar: masculine/feminine words

Year 4

Autumn 1
Bienvenidos – Welcome
Asking who someone is Asking someone’s age Have you …? I have Numbers 0-31

Classroom commands

Grammar: speaking in full sentences when responding to questions

Autumn 2
Mi familia y yo
Family members

Family tree


Describing family members

Grammar: identifying parts of language (adjectives and nouns)

Spring 1
La familia alien
Parts of the face

Hair and eye colour

Describing aliens

Creating an alien

Grammar: learning the “I” form and “he/she” form of the verb to have

Spring 2
Carnival & Easter
Carnival of animals

Body parts and aliens

Alien family Easter hunt

Grammar: using there is/there are accurately

Summer 1
Countries and flag

Spanish speaking countries

Languages spoken in the world

Grammar: using there is/there are accurately

Workshop: South-American speakers (Colombia & Perú)

Summer 2
Clothes and weather
Describing the weather

What do you wear

Fashion catwalk

Likes and dislikes

Grammar: noun-adjective agreement, using verbs in first person accurately

Year 5

Autumn 1
Back to school
Talking about us

School subjects


Story in school

Autumn 2
Time in the city
Places in town

Asking for directions

Describing a map

Numbers 0-50

Spring 1
Indoor and outdoor sports

Express and validate opinion

Sport shopping in Spain

Spring 2
The Solar System
Name the planets

Planets description

Describe the satellites


Summer 1
Carnival clothes
Fancy dress clothes

Pirate’s Lost treasure story

Creating my own story

Fancy dress fashion show

Summer 2
Picasso (describing people)

Gaudi (express opinion)

Dali (time)

Year 6

Autumn 1
My life
Personality traits

Talking about siblings


A time capsule

Autumn 2
In my free time
Hobbies likes and dislikes

Weather forecast

Sports (do/play)

Three Wise Men

Spring 1
My school
School subjects


Describing the school (break)

Do you like your school?

Spring 2
Café culture
Traditional Spanish food

Creating a menu

Ordering in a café

Conversation in a café in Spain

Workshop: Spanish café in canteen

Summer 1
Mexican traditions

Film review


Expression opinions

Summer 2
My Spanish passport
Consolidation of main language structures

Booklet with all main topics learnt

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