Year 1 – Summer 1 – Week 1

English Topic:
Writing Skills

Maths Topic:
Count to 100 forwards and backwards

Non-core Topic:

Physical Activity








Capital letters, finger space, full stops.

Act out the punctuation

Capital letters – hands above your head

Finger space- A finger in front of them

Full stop – punching in front of them

Talk about when they are used within a sentence.

Write a sentence on a piece of paper. ‘Supertato jumped off the can of peas and ran away. Talk about the correct punctuation within the sentence.

Create sentences with missing punctuation for your child to correct.

Y1 W.b. 20.4.20 Monday English resource

Topic: Art

Research surface patterns – what is a surface pattern? Can you find out names of any surface pattern designers?  Which one of these designers do you like best and why?




Count forwards 1-100 and then backwards. Try to jump and move while counting.

Wow Owais you added a lot of emotion into your story. There was some great language being used.

Remember the Supertato story we read in class. The Evil pea came to our school and caused lots of problems for the carrots, tomatos and broccoli.

Try to get people in the house to join in.

Task: PE

How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?

How many frog jumps can you do in 1 minute?

Can you test your family and see who can do the most?


English: Noun phrases

LO: To create noun phrases.

Pick up a noun from your bedroom. How can you describe it to your mum and dad? Can you describe how it looks and feels? Can you describe the size of it?

Example: small ball

Try this for another object but this time create an expanded noun phrase.

Example: small, smooth ball

Can you describe these objects in your house?

Door, table, bed, toy, blanket

Can you think of your own nouns to describe?


Can you find any surface patterns e.g. on plates, furniture etc. Make visual list of all the surface patterns you find by making a simple sketch. Which do you like/dislike and why?


Write your numbers 1 to 100.

After point to different numbers to see if you know them all.


English: Speech


Discuss how speech marks are used around people talking.

What do you think the troll is saying? How can we use speech marks for his speech?

Example “You need to clean my feet” said the troll.

What could the bat be saying?

Challenge can you think of another word to use instead of said- shouted, laughed, cried, screamed, sobbed.

Try to create speech for these pictures.

Y1 W.b. 20.4.20 Wednesday English resource


Now re-create your favourite surface pattern that you found at home. Try to replicate the shapes and colours.


Count backwards from 100 three times…see if you can get faster each time.

Task: ICT

Explore books on YouTube.

What are the key events in the story?


Gingerbread man-

Little Red Riding Hood-

Room on the Broom-

Peace at Last-



English: and, but, so

Discuss how conjunctions are used to join sentences together and extend sentences.

Ali went to school. He saw his friends. How can we join these two sentences together? Which conjunction will you use?

The weather outside was nice. Ali went to the park. How can we join these two sentences?

  1. I went to bed very late ___________________ I am tired today
  2. I listened to the weather forecast ___________________ put an umbrella in my bag.
  3. I enjoy playing hockey ___________________ it’s not my favourite sport.
  4. We could go to the park ___________________ to the cinema.


Count how many toys you have in your house. Count how many books you have. Do you have more books or toys?

Task: PE

 Research different body shapes: star, tuck, pike, arch, dish.



LO: To write past and present sentences using ing and ed


Discuss how present tense verb commonly end in ing and past verb in ed.

Create sentence in the present tense together and see how they can be changed in to past tense sentences.

Change these present tense sentences into past tense sentences.

I am jumping in the garden.

He was skipping around the house.

Challenge – She was eating in the kitchen. What verb will we use in the past tense for this sentence?

Change these sentences from past tense to present tense.

They walked in their garden.

She laughed at a joke.

Challenge- They wrote in their books.

Topic: Art

Re-create a piece of Sarah Bagshaw’s work using any materials you have at home. e.g crayons, felt tips, pencils, collage materials etc.



Can you count out 100 cheerio’s or 100 grains of rice?

Task: PSHE

Research E- safety.

Who can you go to for help?

Create a mask to represent someone you can go to for help.

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