Year 2 – Summer 1 – Week 5

English Topic:

Maths Topic:

Non-core Topic:

Physical Activity










Create guess the character’s name cards with characters from the Cinderella story to play with your family. To do this, write sentences to describe each of the following characters: Cinderella, The Prince, Fairy Godmother, Ugly Sisters and the Step-Mother. For example, Guess who? She is kind-hearted and has a magical wand.


Rain Fall Follow the instructions on the website to make a rain gauge:

(Tip: You can use playdough instead of jelly) Put your rain gauge outside, then check it each day and record how much rain has fallen. Can you show your findings in a table or list? E.g. Monday: 2cm, Tuesday: 4cm. Remember to empty your rain gauge each day!


Fractions- Today we are going to recap Fractions!

We know our three fractions 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.Watch this video to remind you about Fractions.

Task: Complete these quizzes to test your knowledge on fractions.

Finding a Half.

Finding a quarter.

Fractions of shapes

Task: P.E:

Get together with your family!

Let’s do some stretches-

  • Play Simon says with your family and teach them some stretches.
  • Now choose someone else in your family to be Simon.
  • Now follow this video and complete the exercise- watch?v=6v-a_dpwhro

Finally, freeze, sit in a yoga pose and breathe in/out.



Cinderella’s ugly sisters feel bad for not treating Cinderella right so they want to write a letter to her apologising. Write a plan with the thoughts and feelings you want to include in your letter from the ugly sisters to Cinderella.



You will need: hot and cold water, transparent glass/containers, and solids to try and dissolve such as sugar, coffee, sand, pepper and salt.

Begin by choosing a substance, adding a teaspoon of it into the cold water, and then a teaspoon into the hot water. Stir each glass, and observe what happens, and then repeat for the other substances. Try and record your results in a table to show which solids dissolved, and which did not.


Practice your times tables.

Get someone in your family to test you!

Task: Computing:

Today is the final session of your project-

You will be creating a PowerPoint presentation showing your findings.

Slide 1: The first slide will be the title of your project and your name.

Slide 2: The 2nd slide will show the pictures of the bugs you found.

Slide 3: the 3rd slide will show your results (the chart and bar chart you created on Microsoft Excel- you can use the snipping tool to copy it and then paste it onto your slide).

Slide 4: You can put whatever you wish to put on the last slide.

Idea:- you could have a picture of your garden with arrows showing where you found the bugs. Also, you could have some facts about the bugs you found by searching for these facts on google.

Finally, present your information to your family and share your fantastic project!

Don’t forget to save in your project folder!



Use your plan to write a letter to Cinderella from the ugly sisters apologising for treating her badly. Remember to use capital letters, commas, finger spaces and full stops.

Can you use a range of conjunctions? When, if, that, because, and, or, but

Topic: Science


Vinegar Pennies

You will need: copper pennies, kitchen towel, a bowl and white vinegar.

Start by folding the kitchen towel and place inside the bowl, then put the pennies on top. Pour vinegar over the coins and towel. Observe what happens to your pennies over the next few hours and days. Explain your findings in a short paragraph. E.g. When I first poured vinegar over the pennies ________ but after a while they …



We are able to share amounts into 2 and 5 equal groups.



15 shared into 3 groups.

Before having a go at the quiz, here are some practice questions to refresh your memory.

Practice questions:

16 ÷ 2 =                          15 ÷ 5 =

10 ÷ 2 =                          10 ÷ 5 =

8 ÷ 2 =                            5 ÷ 5 =


Task: P.E:

Today, once again you will be completing a different P.E. activity that involves- allowing you to try a variety of different movements and really get active.

You will be following some just dance videos and you can do as many as you like!

Go onto this link to try a variety of just dance activities:




Write a book review of the Cinderella story. Make it super by including the following: who is your favourite character? What did you like about the story? What didn’t you like about the story? Who would you recommend this book to?


Paper Hovercrafts

Follow the instructions on the website to make a paper hovercraft.

Use different materials such as tin foil, kitchen towel and newspaper to make further hovercrafts, and investigate: Which material travelled the fastest/straightest/furthest/easiest? Explain your findings for each investigation. For example: I discovered that the _______ hovercraft travelled the fastest but the ___________ hovercraft travelled the slowest.


Odd and even numbers


Even numbers are the numbers that can make pairs. Get some socks and see if you can make pairs. If you can, it’s an even number. Odd numbers are ones that cannot make pairs. They always end in 1,3,5,7 or 9.

Complete this quiz to test your knowledge on odd and even numbers!


Task: RE:

Today we will be focusing on a religious festival that is a part of Islam called Ramadhan.

What is Ramadhan?

When does it occur?

What do Muslims do during this religious/holy month?

Watch the video below to help you answer the questions above!

Now your mission is to create a video telling everyone all about Ramadhan- you can use a phone, iPad, or a video camera to record the video.



Choose a story from home or an online website to read independently or with a family member.


Use the website  to choose your own investigation to try.

Take some photographs during the investigation. Then, explain what you did during the experiment, and what happened. You can write your findings down, or record them as a video. Happy investigating!


Last week we looked at measurements and directions.We have learnt how to use a ruler to measure different lengths and compare different lengths with these symbols >, < and =.

Here is an activity to help you practice your ruler skills

We have also learnt about directions!


Here is a quiz to test your knowledge on this topic.

Task: PSHE:

This lesson we will be focusing on helping people in the community. Taking care of others is a very important principle and is something that both Christianity and Islam encourage.

Think about how you could help someone out in your family. Could you make them some food? Make them a card? Do a helpful job for them? Draw a picture of what you did.

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