Year 3 – Summer 1 – Week 3

English Topic:
Non-Chronological Reports

Maths Topic:

Non-core Topic:
Geography – Rivers

Physical Activity

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Joining together clauses to form longer sentences requires us to use conjunctions.

I SAW A WABUB is a great way to remember different conjunctions you can use! It stands for:
if      since      as     when     although      while     after    before        until        because

Read the sentence starter, choose a conjunction from the above list and then think of a way to end the sentence. Re-read it to make sure it makes sense



This is a 3D model of a river from source to sea.

Over the next 3 days create your own 3D model using and recyclable resources that you can find in the house.

Remember to add as much detail as you can, label the sections of the river and the features that you may find along it.


To recap time facts

Introduction to time- think about these questions:

How many hours are there in a day?

How many hours do you spend at school in a day?

When does the school start and finish?

How many minutes are there in an hour?

How many seconds are there in a minute?

Why are there two 11 o’clocks in the day?

Complete the following activities:


Task: Computing:


Watch this to recap how to stay safe online:

How an email should look: 

After researching safe email use, make a digital poster using either Publisher, Word or PowerPoint – whichever you feel more confident with.

Include tips to stay safe


  • Who should you send emails to?
  • What should you include in an email?
  • What should you never do in an email?



Explore the above links and listen to Oliver Jeffers or Michael Rosen read / perform their stories and poetry.

Write a list of questions you would ask either of them. They could be about his life, his stories or his characters.

Challenge: Can you create a story map for one of the stories or poems? Remember to add key descriptive phrases (adjectives {sunny, hot, large}, expanded noun phrases {the green grass, an excited rabbit}) or time adverbials (first, next, then, finally).


Continue with your 3D model.

Watch clips from the above websites for more information on the sections and features of a river.


Time on an analogue clock

Match the clock:

Complete this activity

Look at your clock, what time does it show?

Task: PHSE:

Calling 999

What is 999 what does it connect you to? Explain how 999 connects you directly to the police, fire, ambulance and coast-guard services. Re-cap the previous scenes from Casualty and discuss whether a 999 call would have been appropriate and which service they would have chosen. Did they choose the correct service?

Play the game with the pupils.

Emphasise the importance of only ringing 999 in an emergency.

Share with the pupils the following:     Microsite/Life-Live-it-first-aid-education-for     children/Stay-safe/How-to-videos

Discuss the main points in the video- together create scenarios and debate whether you should decide to call 99 and why.




Can you define the following words from your Year 3 / 4 Common Exception Words?

Reign         Century        Peculiar        Grammar

Various      Natural         Guard

If you have a dictionary at home, show your family how quickly you locate words by looking at their first, second and third letters.

If you have no dictionary, can you use the internet to find their meanings? You can use Google or

Challenge: Can you add the word class?

Challenge 2: Write the word into a brand new sentence.



Continue with your 3D model.

Watch clips from the above websites for more information on the sections and features of a river.


To tell time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock.

Now try this:


Task: RE:

To begin to understand that Muslims believe that Allah (God) knows everything.

Give your child a sweet or an object. Ask them to hide it anywhere in the house where they think no one will find it. When they have done this, ask the where they hid the sweet or object.

Explain to the child that Muslims believe that Allah knows everything, therefore they would believe that there would not be any place in the house where they would have been able to hide the sweet or object, because Allah would have known. Link this to telling lies – even if a person thinks they have gotten away with a lie, those who believe in God will say that God always knows. So have they really got away with it?



A Lifetime Tale in Pictures

Draw the main character from a book you have recently read.  Show them as a baby, middle aged and as an older person.

Underneath each picture write what you think they might be doing at that point of their life, and explain why they may be doing so.

For example, if you drew Harry Potter as a baby, he might be casting spells on his mum to feed him lots of yummy food.

Key Questions:

Why have you chosen this character?

Why do you think the character might be behaving that way?

Is there any evidence in the text that can support you?


Using this website

Research and make notes as to why rivers are important, research under the subheadings on the page and keep the notes ready for writing your report.


To tell the time using Roman numerals

Compare these two clocks:

What is the same?

What is different?

Instead of numbers as we know them, Romans used letters.

 Each letter has a value.

Values can be made by adding or subtracting.

Look at 4, 5 and 6


What do you notice?

On a clock, if the I comes before – subtract 1.

If the I is placed after – add 1.

So If X is 10… what is 9 and 11?



Task: PE:

Join Joe Wicks at 9am each morning for a live 30min P.E lesson



Warm up

Jogging on the spot – 1 minute

30 sec rest

Star-jumps – 1 minute

30 sec rest

High knees –  1 minute

30 sec rest

Butt kicks – minute

30 sec rest

Side step – 1 minute

Get the family involved. Have a blast with this great family fun cardio work out!



You’re Hired

Select a character from a book and consider what might be a good job for them. You can choose something completely suitable such as a security guard job for Superman or more of an odder approach such as a pastry chef!

Either way, you will have to write a letter from the perspective of this character and apply for a position.

Be sure to explain why your character would be great employee and what special skills they would possess to make them ideal for the role. Really sell you character explaining all the great attributes they possess.

Key Questions:

What do we already know about letters?

What are the features of a letter?

Will it be formal or informal? Why?


Using this website

Research and make notes as to how rivers are effected by pollution, research under the subheadings on the page and keep the notes ready for writing your report.


Read and write the time to the nearest minute

What is the time now?

It is about…

It is exactly…

Mini-activity: Match the clock faces to the time:


Activity: draw a clock like this


Can you add the following times:

5 minutes past 8

5 minutes to 7

20 minutes past 6

20 minutes to 6

14 minutes past 3

23 minutes past 10

4 minutes past 9

17 minutes past 5

4 minutes to 2

Task: Spanish:

Cantamos “Chocolate” – Listen to this song by Calico Spanish called “Chocolate: uno, dos, tres”

What do you think “A mí me gusta el chocolate” mean in English? Now, using the same pattern, choose another food (check on Linguascope on the Food section or Google) you love and create your own song. Remember it must have 4 syllables, otherwise the song won’t work.

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