Year 5 – Summer 1 – Week 4

English Topic:
Film narrative

Maths Topic:
Geometry: Position and Direction

Daily starters and warm up:

Complete a video challenge every day.

Non-core Topic:

Physical Activity

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LO: To identify and comment on the theme, mood and atmosphere in a film

What do we mean by theme?

What do we mean by mood and atmosphere?

Some examples of mood and atmosphere: humours, romantic, violent, hopeful, excitement, depressing

Watch the film – there is no dialogue. Listen carefully to the music and colours used in the film.

Key questions to think about when you are watching the film:

  1. Describe the mood at the beginning of the clip. What makes you think that?
  2. Why does the mood change after title scene?
  3. How does the music reflect the change of mood?
  4. What do we know about this girl? What can we infer about the girl?
  5. What object is repeatedly shown throughout the clip?
  6. What do you think the significance of this object is?
  7. Can you predict the relationship between the girl and the skeleton?
  8. Where do you think this is set? How do you know?


LO: To explore the location of rainforest biomes

Use this link or any maps you used last week to answer these questions:

  1. Where about on the map are tropical rainforests located?
  2. How does their location link to the position of the equator?
  3. Does this help you to predict anything about a rainforest’s climate?
  4. Can you name any continents or countries which are home to rainforests?
  5. Which rainforest is the largest on Earth?
  6. How does the location of tropical rainforests differ to the location of last week’s biome (desert)?


  1. To identify positions in the first quadrant

Recap learning from year 4:

-What are coordinates?

-How do you read coordinates on a grid?

-Can you label the axis on the quadrant? (x/y) How do you know which one comes first?

Key note: x comes before y in the alphabet, so x is horizontal, y is vertical. You can also remember this by  ‘across the landing, up the stairs’.

Watch the video until 3.22

After watching, practise finding and plotting coordinates using activity 1.

Move on to plotting coordinates on a plane to create a shape:

Complete activity 2 (answers on same document).

Week 4 Monday Maths Activity 1

Week 4 Maths Monday Activity 2

Task: Computing:

LO To edit your video.

Computing Lesson 4 Editing Imovie

Watch the how to edit your imovie vlog video.

Video 1

Video 2

Today you are going to be thinking about how you can edit and improve your video.

Watch the videos and consider editing

> Angles

> Volume

> Length of video (cut out unwanted parts)

> Include/edit text

> Zoom in/out

> Add colour filters

Next week we will think about how to add photos/voice/audio files.



LO: To compare themes and presentations of two different films.


Dia de los Meurtos

Watch both these short films again.

What is the mood and atmosphere in each film? Does it change at a certain point in the film? Why?

Activity: Complete comparison grid – share and discuss with family members.

Key areas to compare:

  • Setting
  • Sound
  • Symbols
  • Sequence
  • Story
  • Mood/atmosphere

What is similar about the themes in both these films?

Some examples of themes – death, love, tragedy, loss, childhood, war, education


LO: To virtually explore a rainforest

Use the link below and scroll down until you see rainforest. Take a virtual tour of a rainforest biome and answer the questions underneath


LO: To reflect given shapes

What are our steps to success when reflecting a shape? Write these down so you can use them to help you.

Create some mirror images using paint, beads, coloured dots etc.

Play game, changing the mirror line to see different orientations of shapes:

Play game to create patterns that can be reflected with a given mirror line:

Task: PE: 

Join Joe Wicks at 9am each morning for a live 30min P.E lesson

Gymnastic task- explore jumping.

How many different ways are there to jump?

1 foot to 1 foot (leap)

1 foot to 2 feet

2 feet to 2 feet

2 feet to 1 foot

Can you use these jumps to create a jumping sequence? How many different sequences can you come up with?



LO: To use retrieval skills to develop comprehension of a film.

Activity: Watch the film clip again and answer the following questions on the sheet.

Tip – you may need to watch and stop the film several times.

  1. Where is the girl at the start of the film?
  2. How is the girl feeling? How do you know this?
  3. What objects are at the graveside? What do they symbolise?
  4. What happens to the girl at the graveside? How do you think she is feeling at this point?
  5. What do the skeletons do to make the girl feel welcomed and relaxed?
  6. How and what does the girl do to show that she is no longer scared?
  7. Where is the girl when she sees her mother? What is happening at this place?

What changes happened to the girl’s clothes and hair band at the start of the film and at the end? Why? What do you think is the significance of this change?

 English Wednesday Week 4 English


LO: To explore the climate of a rainforest biome

Follow the link from yesterday and click on ‘learn more about rainforests ‘ or follow this link

Read through the information and watch the video on the page.

Now try to answer these questions:

  1. What does the air feel like in a rainforest?
  2. What adjective is used to describe the ground? What does this word mean?
  3. How much rain do rainforests get?
  4. Most rainforests are close to the equator, what does this tell you about their climate?

Why are rainforests so wet?


  1. To reflect shapes with given coordinates

Today’s lesson builds on yesterday’s, with the addition of identifying coordinates of a shape. Recap the skills of how to reflect a shape.

Key questions to research:

-What is a reflection?

-What does ‘dimensions of a shape’ mean?

-How do you reflect a shape?

-How can we use the shape’s coordinates to help us reflect it?

Complete Wednesday Maths activity.

Week 4 Wednesday Maths Activity

Task: PSHE:

Dealing with emotions (Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24th May 2020)

Discuss different types of emotions.

Make a list of positive emotions and a list of negative emotions. Do any of these emotions link?

Consider that there are different types of happiness (contentment, elated, excited, joy) and different types of anger (irritated, frustrated, annoyed, angry, explosive)

Create a negative-feeling thermometer (similar to the one in the video) and discuss different situations at different levels e.g. Being told to turn off the computer may be at the lower levels of ‘irritation’, whereas having a fight with a sibling may be higher at ‘anger’.

How can we deal with these emotions at these times?

Repeat with a positive- feeling thermometer. How can we use this positive version to help us overcome the feelings on our negative thermometer?

Go through ways of dealing with negative feelings: writing it down, playing a sport, talking to someone, creating art work.

Create a piece of art work to reflect emotions (similar to in the video) using different tools and mediums.



LO: To accurately identify verbs in the past and present tense.

What are verbs?

What is the past tense?

What is the present tense?

Write down the verbs to show what the girls is doing throughout the film in both the past and present tense. Check your spelling by either using a dictionary (on-line version available) or ask another member of you family.

For example;

She sat

She was sitting

She cried

She was crying

Keep the work – you will need it for tomorrow’s work.


LO: To research the plants and animals found in the rainforest

Use the following links and videos as well as any books you might have at home to gather as much research as you can on the animals and plants that you would find in a rainforest biome.


To translate shapes on a grid

Key questions:

-What is translation?

-How is translation different to reflection?

-What are the top tips for translating effectively?

Complete Thursday Maths activity.

Week 4 Thursday Maths Activity

Task: RE:

LO: To explore how Buddhism encourages its members to do better and make good choices through meditation.

What do you already know about the Buddist faith? What are the 4 noble beliefs of Buddism?

What is mediation? How does it help people?

Watch the film. It shows the shrine at The Buddhist Vihara in Hockley, Birmingham. Children are engaged in meditation.

  1. What words can you use to describe the shrine and practice
  2. How would you describe how people are feeling?
  3. How do you think mediation has created a sense of calm and peacefulness?

Your turn

Listen to this mediation music and follow the instructions below.


  1. Sit down on the floor and fold your legs. Sit up straight.
  2. Focus on your breathing  – take deep breaths
  3. Reflect on what your day
  4. Think about what you can do for others



LO: To accurately use the past and present tense to retell an event

Today, you are going to write a diary recount about what happened to the girl in the first person.

You are going to imagine you are the girl and writing a diary entry about what happened to you that day.

It needs to be written in the first person and you will need to use the past and present tense. You may even have some future tense.

Things to include:

  • How did your day start off? How were you feeling? What was everybody else doing? Why were they doing those things?
  • Where did you go? What could you see? How did it make you feel?
  • What happened to you at the graveside? Where did you go? Think about your 5 senses and using ‘show not tell’ to create the imagery for your reader?
  • When you returned, how were you feeling? What you do?

Remember to re-read your work to help you edit and improve. Publish your final piece of work to share with your class teacher – you could email the work to your teacher.


LO: To present and share information about the plants and animals found in the rainforest

Use your research from yesterday to create a rainforest information page.

Make sure you include all the information on plants and animals of the rainforest that you found.

You could draw pictures to show what this looks like or trace them from books.

You could present your information sheet as a leaflet, poster or even as a PowerPoint presentation which you could email to your teacher for them to see.


End of unit quiz!

Complete the end of unit quizzes:

Properties of Shape


Direction and Position

Answers are also provided.

Give a time limit of 15- 20 minutes for each quiz and then mark the answers together afterwards.

Any errors can be noted down as a target.

Week 4 Friday Maths Assessment 1

Week 4 Friday Maths Assessment 2


Spanish – Conceptos del Sistema Solar

Have a look at the pictures surrounding the page. Check any words you are unsure about. Each row describes different concepts about the seasons, planets, moon cycles, asteroids. Identify the concept first, then drag the right picture to the concept. When you finish, click on “Terminado” to check the answers.

Let’s play your favourite game; Kahoot! Copy this in your browser:

Buena suerte!

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