Year 5 – Summer 1 – Week 5

English Topic:
Film narrative
Piano film

Maths Topic:
Converting between measurement

Non-core Topic:

Physical Activity

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Weekly Online Curriculum








LO: To use the five senses to plan a film narrative.

This week you will study the short film animation- ‘The Piano’. You will then write a film narrative based on this.

Watch the short film: The piano

Think about the questions below:

  1. Who is the woman? What makes you think that?
  2. When do you think this was?
  3. What do you think happened? (see)
  4. Who is the boy?
  5. Who is the boy that sits with the pianist? What is their relationship?
  6. Describe the overall mood of the piece.
  7. What is the overall theme of the animation?

Now think about the senses:

Come up with a short list of words to describe how the characters are feeling.

Watch this video to hear what it would sound like to be present in a warzone:

What sounds would you hear, if you were there?

Using the language you have come up with can you up-level your vocabulary.

Example: Loud bombs= the thunderous bombing overhead.


Complete the 5 senses sheet for the Piano film. You can do this in short bullet points. You will use this language in your film narrative so make sure it is of high quality.

Top tip: Use a thesaurus or go onto to up-level your vocabulary.

English Monday Planning Sheet

Englsih Monday Vocabulary Sheet


LO: To find out about the climate and physical geography of Mexico  

Where is Mexico? Is it close to the equator? What do you know about the climate of a country if it is near the equator? Why?

Climate means the

Activity: (complete sheet provided on)

  1. Use the interactive map to find out the latitude and longitude of Mexico.

  1. What is the capital city of Mexico?
  2. Which continent is Mexico in?
  3. Which ocean is Mexico surrounded by?
  4. What is the climate of Mexico?

Monday Topic Reesearch Sheets For ALL Groups

Monday Topic Climate In Mexico And UK Helpsheet


LO: To understand and convert Kilograms to grams.

Start off by watching this video on how to convert Kilograms and Grams.

Create a simple way of remembering how to do the conversion, either in a notebook or a paper which you can keep handy.

Using a measuring scale, find different objects around your house and weigh them!

Writing down what their weight is in Kilograms and in Grams.

Find the weight of 6 different objects!

Does your method of remembering how to convert still work? If not, then you may need to edit it!

Maths Monday Worksheet

Task: PE

PE- Join Joe Wicks at 9am each morning for a live 30min P.E lesson

Gymnastics task-

Explore different rolls. Can you do any rolls already? Use the tutorial video to learn new rolls from proper gymnasts



LO: To use expanded noun phrases to develop the character and feelings in my writing.

Today you will begin drafting your narrative by using expanded noun phrases.

Watch this video on how to use commas to clarify the meaning of sentences.

Watch this video on using commas to clarify meaning.

Watch this video on how to expand your sentences, we call these expanded noun phrases:

Activity: You will draft the first part of your story. Read the colour coded help sheet, it provides an example paragraph to help you start your writing.

Use the pictures to help you come up with ideas as your draft.

English Tuesday Picture Help Sheet


LO: to find out about the climate and physical geography of UK.

Complete the sheet provided from yesterday, but for the UK.

Using the same websites to help you as well as the information provided.

You can also use atlas or the internet to help you with your research


LO: To convert the measurements of different objects.

Refresh yourself by looking at your notes you made yesterday on how to convert Kilograms and Grams.

Using your knowledge and your notes complete the worksheet.

Afterwards go through the mark sheet with a partner/guardian to check for any errors and help resolve them.

Task: Computing:

LO: To add audio files, image files and voice overlays to a video.

 Watch the tutorials page on how to add:

> voice overs

> Images/photos

> Text

This will improve your video be as creative as you like.

Remember to add all of the above you will need to have these items saved in your iPad/iPhone already so that you can add/drag them in to the iMovie. So be sure to spend some time adding them in before.

By the end of this session you should have a final vlog to play. Enjoy and share with your friends and family.

Computing Lesson 5 Improving The Vlog



LO: To use expanded noun phrases to develop the character and feelings in my writing.

Read your work so far to an adult/sibling.

Do your sentences make sense?

Have you missed out any words?

Have your commas been placed effectively?

Is the adjective choice in your expanded noun phrase effective or forced?

Edit what you have written so far before continuing.

Continue drafting the next part of your narrative.

Remember to use the pictures and help sheets from yesterday to support you with this.

Also use a thesaurus to ensure you up- level your vocabulary.

English Tuesday Wednesday Exanded Noun Phrases Sheet


LO: To identify the biomes in Mexico.

What does the term biome mean?

What are the 3 main biomes of Mexico?

These are: desert, tropical rain forest and deciduous forest.

From the last 2 weeks topic work, what kind of plant and animals do you find in these biomes? Use the below websites to help you.

Focus on desert and tropical rain forest.

What are the problems being faced in the rain forests? What does this mean for the future?

Activity: Create a fact file including plants, animals and climate in the desert and tropical rain forest of Mexico.

Be creative – use pictures, make a video or even a power point presentation.


LO: To understand and convert, litres and millilitres.

Start off by watching this video on how to convert litres and millilitres

Create a simple way of remembering how to do the conversion, writing it down in a similar style to your kilogram to gram notes.

To practise your reading of scales and volume play this game.

Or using a measuring jug, measure out the volumes of different glasses and mugs, you have in your home.

Converting them into both litres and millilitres.

Task: RE:

LO: To understand how inconsistency affects others.

Can other people depend on you? Can you let yourself down?

Share and discuss the scenarios attached with your family.

Does the response matter? How did it make you feel when you see or hear people doing the wrong thing?

RE Wednesday RE Week 5 Scenerios



LO: To edit and revise a film narrative with a focus on punctuation.

Recap the video for using commas for clarity.

Spend 10-20 minutes checking for correct use of:

-Expanded noun phrases

-Sentences structure

-Cohesion within and across sentences

Use your checklist to provide evidence of each feature.


While you are reading your work to a brother/sister/parent/carer make sure you are editing your work using a different coloured pencil.

English Videos Week 5


LO: To identify and explore the biome of UK

 What is the biome of the UK?

Go on a tour to explore the biome of the UK?

What types of animals do you find? Plants?

How does the climate influence how land is use in the UK?

What crops are grown? What is farmed in the UK?

Create a fact file of the key information.


LO: To convert litres and millilitres

Refresh yourself by looking at your notes you made yesterday on how to convert Litres and Millilitres.

Using your knowledge and your notes complete the worksheet.

Afterwards go through the mark sheet with a partner/guardian to check for any errors and help resolve them.

Maths Thursday Worksheet

Task: Spanish:

Felices Pascuas

In today’s lesson we are going to learn about how Easter is celebrated in Spain. Head over to the following website to enjoy plenty of activities with the vocabulary related to “Pascua”.

When you finish, complete this Quiz to check how much you know about Pascua:



LO: To publish a film narrative with a focus on expanded noun phrases and commas for clarity.

Using your best handwriting you will write up your narrative ensuring you check all words are spelt correctly and sentences are punctuated accurately.


Complete the self- assessment sheet, where you will include evidence to show you have used each feature.

Also give yourself advice on what you can do better next time in the ‘Even better if’ section.

English Friday Self Assessment Checklist


LO: To compare the biomes of Mexico to the UK  

How are the biomes of the UK and Mexico the same? Different? Think about plants, animals, land use and climate.

How does latitude influence this?

Do both countries produce the same goods? What do they do with them? Think about where all out food and goods in the UK come from?

Activity – create a table of similarities and differences – think about eh reason for these


LO: To use both sets of conversions in practice.

Firstly, refresh yourself on how to convert both sets of measurements.

Then go onto:

(you can use your own cookbooks)

Find your top 6 favourite recipes and convert the ingredient measurements into litres or kilograms!


You may want to try and make some of these recipes and practice your cooking skills while at home!

Task: PSHE:

Reflection on Summer 1.

Discuss key questions:

  1. How have you felt during this term?
  2. What do you think has gone well with your home-learning journey?
  3. What do you hope to achieve next half term?
  4. What would make your home-learning journey better?

Write a diary entry describing and explaining your journey so far, get both children and parents to write/ draw! Share the diary entry together and create next steps for next half term.

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