This year, Sports Day is looking a little different! Due to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being postponed until 2021, Starbank have planned a Sock Olympics just for you!

You will need:

  • A ball of socks!
  • Stopwatch/timer
  • Tape measure or ruler

Have a go at the different activities and record your scores on the score card!

We would also love to see any photos/videos of you completing events!

When you have completed the activities, complete this form and we will then count up the points to find the winning Olympics class! The winning class from each site will receive a special prize when we’re all back in school.

Sock Throw

Choose a starting position then see how far can you throw your ball of socks.

Measure your throw to the nearest cm!

Sock Catch

Drop your ball of socks behind your head then quickly try and catch it between your legs! Have a practice first!

How many can you catch in 1 minute?

Sock Keepy Uppies

Can you keep your ball of socks up in the air using just your feet?

How many keepy uppies can you do in 1 minute?

Sock Basketball

Put a bucket or laundry basket 4m away.

How many times can you throw your ball of socks into the bucket, collect, return and throw again in 1 minute?

Sock Bowling

Set up 6 skittles (toilet roll tubes or empty bottles). Stand 3m away & use your ball of socks to knock them down!

How many can you knock down in 3 separate throws?

Sock Jump

Place your ball of socks on the floor and see how many times you can jump over them and back in 1 minute!

Rainbow Sock Throw

Put your socks into one hand & throw to your other, like a rainbow arch!

How many rainbows can you throw in 1 minute?

Jump In Your Socks

You can put your socks down for this one (or put them on!). Stand still and jump as far as you possibly can!