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Starbank School Favicon Vision

The vision at Starbank is to create an inspiring learning environment that encourages high expectations where every student can reach their potential, strive for success and embrace limitless opportunities.  

The key for us is to open new horizons and share possibilities to enable each young person to create their individual life journey. This is made possible by the entire school community living by our set core values; Integrity, Resilience, Aspiration, Innovation and Respect.  

Together, we aspire to develop an atmosphere where all our students are valued and supported as individuals, enabling them to grow into independent and confident learners.  

However, the vision and values that underpin the school are rooted in the same guiding principles: namely to ensure that a first-rate education is provided through consistently high quality teaching which facilitates excellent learning within an inclusive, caring, vibrant environment.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure an inspiring and aspirational learning environment for all, where all of our members of our community has opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise personal success now and as a foundation for their futures. 

Starbank School Favicon Our Mission

Starbank is a happy and friendly school. We aim to provide an excellent education for our children, focused on learning and raising achievement in an environment where fairness, justice and equality are embedded throughout the school community. 

At Starbank we work hard to build trusting relationships with all children and families to ensure their engagement and enjoyment in every aspect of school life. We believe that the environment we offer plays a crucial part in developing all our children into happy, healthy, safe and motivated learners. 

Starbank School Favicon Our Aims 

To be open and inclusive to all


To ensure a secure and caring environment


To ensure learning comes first


To build children’s self-esteem and self-belief


To shape all students into successful citizens of tomorrow


To be open and inclusive to all To grow and develop talented, passionate and aspirational staff


Starbank School Favicon Our Ethos 

To enable us to bring out the best and so improve the life-chances of all our young people, we will create a culture: 

with a relentless focus on quality teaching and learning and school improvement across all phases of education.


of energy, enthusiasm, and passion for increasing student outcomes.


of cooperation and collaboration within the school and wider community.


that is traditional, yet one that embraces innovation giving confidence in the present educational climate of challenge and change.