Dear Parents/Guardians/Carers,

Before I share with you very important information about the last half term of this academic year, beginning on Monday 7th June, I want to say a few words about Year 11.

I want to publicly recognise the maturity, hard-work, tenacity, resilience and independence that has been shown by Year 11 students over this last 12 months culminating in them completing a number of assessments to provide evidence towards their Teacher Assessed Grades.

As a student group, Year 11 have been superbly mature with regards their focus in lesson, their attendance and engagement at additional intervention lessons, their conduct and levity through the assessment period and with their conduct around school as role models to our younger students.

They have now completed their time with us. They will return to school on Monday 7th June for two weeks where they will be based in the sports hall and have a number of activities delivered by the National Citizen Service and supported by Birmingham City Football Club. I wish them every success for the future and look forward to sharing their successes with them in August.

With Year 11 out of the main school building the renewed focus will be with year 7, 8, 9 and 10.

The school will be ‘resetting’ its expectations from Monday 7th June. It is important that you all read the following carefully and to assure that your child is prepared to meet the school expectations from after half term.

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Change of expectations on punctuality to school:

The new arrival time from Monday 7th June is 8.20am. All pupils should be in their line ups by this time. The school gate will close and anyone arriving after 8.20am will be late and be issued with a late detention.

The only day where this will be different will be on the first day back (Monday 7th June), as we will begin to reset the expectations.

Year 9 and Year 10 must be at line up by 8.20am

Year 7 and Year 8 must arrive at 9.20am.

From Tuesday 8th June everyone must be in school and in line up by 8.20am


Expectations on attitude, conduct and behaviour:

It is important that pupils arrive at school with the correct attitude and maturity. School is here to help pupils progress from children into young adults, and that includes developing individual maturity, independence and enough self-respect to make their progress their primary focus.

We expect all pupils to:

  • Arrive punctually to lesson.
  • Ensure they are prepared to learn – that they are responsible for their own equipment and books,
  • Maintain focus and engage well with all tasks set, to best support their own progress.
  • Treat all stakeholders, staff and pupils alike, with the same respect they wish for themselves.

By maintaining these behaviours as detailed above, pupils will develop the habits of successful people and will ensure their best chances of success. It is important pupils accept that they are responsible for their own behaviour and conduct within school.


Expectations on school uniform:

I would like to thank parents and pupils who make every effort to keep to our uniform regulations. Please see below for guidance on our school uniform. The expectation from Monday 7th June is that all pupils attend school in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM. Pupils can also continue to wear the old Starbank uniform. Those who have PE on the day will from next half term use changing rooms to change into their PE kit. Students who do not arrive in the correct uniform will either be referred to the impact centre or sent home to change into uniform before returning back to school

From Monday 7th June the following will be in place:
Raising The Bar and Non-Negotiables

Pupils will be expected and must:


  1. Attend school in full academy uniform everyday.
  2. Change into their PE kit on days that they have PE. This must be Starbank PE kit or plain black (no fashion clothes will be allowed).
  3. Wear school shoes. No trainers must be worn.
  4. Not wear jewellery except plain studs and a watch.
  5. Not wear make-up.
  6. Never wear jackets/coats in the school building.
  7. Not bring phones/earphones to school.
  8. Have the full required school equipment: (Starbank Planner, Star Reader, writing pen, green pen, pencil and ruler and their exercise books).
  9. Be ready to learn in lessons, beginning with formatting their desks every lesson without being told.
  10. Not bring fizzy drinks, sweets and chewing gum into school. They are banned items.

The school day

The following table states clearly the timings of the school day from Monday 7th June.

Monday – Thursday


8.20am – Line up

8.20am – Line up

8.30am-9.00am (Tutor/Assembly/Guided Reading Time)

8.30am – 9.00am (Tutor/Assembly/Guided Reading Time)

Period 1 9.00am – 9.55am

9.00-9.40am (PSHE)

Period 2 9.55am – 11.05am (including 15 min break)

Period 1 9.40am-11.00am (including a 20 minute brunch)

Period 3 11.05am-12pm

Period 2 11.00am-12pm

Period 4 12pm – 12.55pm


Period 5 12.55pm – 2.15pm (including 25min lunch)


Period 6 2.15pm – 3.10pm


Please note that there will be no more staggered end to the day. All pupils will finish at 3.10pm (Monday to Thursday) and 12pm on a Friday.

End of year exams

Finally, I would like to make all parents of Y7-10 pupils aware that there will be end of year assessments commencing on week beginning Monday 21st June. Subject areas will be releasing topic areas to revise in preparation for these important assessments which will give us evidence to measure how much progress has been made over this academic year. I advise that all pupils should begin to revise and revisit work completed this year during half term in preparation for these assessments.



I am asking all parents to support the school by ensuring and assuring that you reinforce these messages to your child. Strong school – student – parent partnerships are very important to secure positive relationships and success for everyone.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable half term.


Yours Faithfully


Gaetano Ferrnate

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