Dear Parent/Carer,

At Starbank, we are fully committed to providing the highest levels of academic excellence for all of our students.

We want our staff to be the very best teachers they can be so they can provide your child with an academically rigorous and culturally rich education that allows them to have access to the very best universities and job opportunities when they leave school.

In order to meet this goal, all of our teaching staff must be invested in developing their practice in the classroom. To enable this level of reflection, we have acquired iRIS Connect, an innovation in teacher professional development, which uses a secure video system to enable teachers to reflect and share their many examples of excellence with our team of teaching staff across the school. Our aim is for all teachers to be as good as the best, and through sharing our outstanding practice, teachers can reflect, amend and trial new and teaching, learning and assessment techniques to ensure the very best outcomes for all pupils.

Parents and carers can be assured that any recording will only be used internally for staff development, all footage is password protected and cannot be accessed by any external agents and will not be shown or published externally. The lessons captured by IRIS Connect are only accessible by the teacher that recorded them, or within their network for specific professional development. The recordings take place in a normal lesson and will not require any additional participation. All we ask is that your children continue to work as hard as they always have done.

If you would like to find out more about iRIS Connect, their website provides an excellent overview:

If you need any more information or if you have any questions regarding this project, then please do get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Ms H Martin

Assistant Principal