Dear Parent/Guardian Year 9 pupils.

Please see attached letter regarding vaccinations on 28th April 2022.



Children & Families Division
Birmingham Community Healthcare
NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 0121 466 3410


Dear Parent/Guardian Year 9 pupils.

The Immunisation Team are planning to visit your child’s school soon to see the pupils to administer their Teenage Booster Vaccination this comprises of two vaccinations given at the same time protecting against Diphtheria, Tetahus and Polio, and Meningococcal Disease. This is routinely given in year 9 at school. – Please see attached a consent form for the Teenage Booster vaccination which needs to be completed and returned to school.

(If your child is due their HPV vaccination the Immunisation Team will administer this vaccination at the same visit in school. Your child will therefore receive three vaccinations.)

It is clinically safe for your child to receive multiple vaccinations at the same time. Two vaccinations will be administered in one arm; the third will be administered in the other arm.

It is important that you complete and return the form to school even if you DO NOT want your child to have these immunisations as we can update their medical records.

For more information please visit;


Yours faithfully

Immunisation Team Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust