Hello and thank you for taking the time for looking at our behaviour expectations.

Our mission statement is Nurturing Today’s Young People, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.

In order to help us fulfil this promise, we have high expectations of all our pupils, at all times. By knowing what needs to be done, we can work together, to achieve this ambition. In the following slides, we will look at these expectations and the Star values that run through them all.

Our Star values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect reflect the values that we expect from all our pupils, at all times.

Expectation 1 – Traveling to school.

When you ware the badge, you represent us all.

On the way to school, pupils are representing the school, themselves and their families and we expect behaviour to be exemplary at all times. Being courteous to the local neighbours and ensuring that you arrive to school in a sensible and orderly manner.

Expectation 2 – Arriving at school.

A new day, a new start.

Every morning our pupils will be met and greeted by their form tutors, who will greet them with ‘Good Morning’. The expectation is that our pupils greet them back with ‘Good Morning’ ready to start the day and be successful.

Expectation 3 – Lining Up

Line up to show up.

Every morning we have a line up before we enter the building. This is to ensure our pupils are ready for learning. Their uniform will be checked, they will line up in an organised manner ready for the teachers to instruct them on the notices for the day and any expectations.

Expectation 4 – Moving around school

Quickly and quietly

In order to maximise full learning time, pupils are expected to know where they supposed to be, and arrive on time. By ensuring they arrive on time, they maximise the time within the lessons and display to the teacher that they are ready to learn.

Expectation 5 – During Lessons

Ready to learn

Our pupils will be directed where to sit within lessons and a ‘do it now’ activity to engage in. We expect our pupils too: Format their desk and have all the correct equipment and engage in any task the teacher sets them in order to show that they are ready to learn and to demonstrate their ability within the classroom.

Expectation 6 – Leaving a classroom

Leave as you enter

On completing a successful lesson we expect pupils to leave in the same orderly manner that they entered the room. At the end of the lesson, they will be asked to stand behind their desk with all their equipment packed away awaiting the teachers instructions. 

When the teacher dismisses the class, we expect them to leave the classroom in a sensible manner waiting to get to their next lesson.

Expectation 7 – Break and Lunch times

Order when you order.

Break and lunchtime are an opportunity for our pupils to socialise with other pupils and to have a break from there learning time. However we still expect their behaviour to be exemplary at all times.Pupils will be given opportunity to use use the facilities to gain their lunch or to go outside and use the facilities there.

Expectation 8 – Ending the day positively

Tomorrow, we start again

After successfully completing a day at school, we expect our pupils to leave in the same sensible manner that they entered the school, remembering when they are wearing the uniform they are representing the school, themselves and their families and local community. They go home to refresh and recharge, ready for another successful day at Starbank School.

We believe by following these expectations, pupils will realise their full potential and achieve success whilst at Starbank School.