Distance Learning Enrichment Activities

Whilst completing your home learning set by your teachers on MS Teams or during the summer break, this page is here to give you opportuities to try new things or explore interests. It gives you a chance to branch out and learn about things you may not have considered before.

There are so many things to try, so we’ve organised them into sections. Simply click on the link and try out some of the activities on offer.

We would love to see how you get on. Email your photos and comments to enrichment@starbank.bham.sch.uk


Feeling creative? Click here to find some activities to try at home.

Brain Gym

Are you struggling to concentrate? Take a few minutes and try some of these activities to wake up and refresh your brain! (Then try working again :-))


Hungry? Fancy trying out a new recipe? Click here for some easy, delicious ideas.

Sports and Exercise

Are you feeling lethargic? Click here for some exercise activities to boost your energy levels.

Our World Outside

Do you want to get out doors? Do you want to find out about the world around you? Click here for some fun activities.


Science Technology Engineering and Maths = STEM! Want to find out more about Space? Want to try some Science practicals at home? Click the links to find a range of exciting activities.