Open Day 2021

A welcome to parents, carers and pupils to Starbank Open Evening.

I am delighted and privileged to be the Principal of Starbank Secondary School and I thank you for considering Starbank as your school of choice for September 2022.

Starbank School officially became part of the Star Academies family, one of the country’s best performing multi-academy trusts on the 1st October 2020 but we have been working closely with them for the majority of 2020. Starbank School is an improving school. I have ambitions and aspirations for it to be one of the best performing schools in Birmingham and in the country. Starbank is a place where I want our pupils to be safe, happy and well and where I recognise and value the contribution of our staff and community to help our pupils achieve positive outcomes.

At Starbank School, we are dedicated to providing educational excellence for all of our pupils and committed to helping them to reach their full potential. In line with our mission to promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities, we ensure our pupils develop essential academic skills and prioritise the development of well-rounded individuals through participation in community, cultural and sporting activities.

We have a culture of high expectations and we continuously encourage our pupils to aspire to be the best they can be. Our teachers and staff are experienced, well-qualified professionals who work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for our pupils. We take a personalised approach, where pupils are set aspirational, but achievable targets through a curriculum pathway that meets their individual needs. This is developed through a strong and supportive system of pastoral care provided by a dedicated team of Pastoral Leaders and form tutors.

Working closely with all of our stakeholders and with the support of you as our parents is the key to success. We strive to nurture confident, healthy and well-balanced young people who are ambassadors for our STAR values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect. We want all of our pupils to make a positive contribution as considerate members of society.  I believe that we can empower our pupils and make our school the beacon for our community. I look forward to hopefully seeing you all in September 2022 and for your pupils to become our class of 2026.

This page contains a recording and photos from our Open Day that took place on Tuesday 5th October 2021 and links to admission infomation.

Thank you.

Gaetano Ferrante

Photos from our Open Day:

Virtual Tour

To help you get a feel of what Starbank Secondary is like, we have captured and created a Virtual Tour in June 2020 within Google Street View. Please use the tabs at the top for quick navigation between floors and the outside. Since this tour was captured, there has been changes throughout the school.

Can you find the 6 cuddly toys hidden around the school?

Admissions Page


Starbank School is part of Star Academies. As an inclusive school, all applications will be considered equally.

For Year 7 Admission for Starbank School – please note the following:

  • Year 6 pupils attending Starbank School automatically transfer to Year 7.
  • There is therefore no published admission number for Year 7.
  • Parents of Year 6 children not attending Starbank School wishing to apply for admission into Year 7 at Starbank School are required to complete an in-year application form, which is available from and returnable to school.

If there are fewer than 180 places taken up by Starbank children, then places will be offered to year 6 children from other schools. In order to ensure places are only offered to external applicants up to the published admission number of 180, the oversubscription criteria listed in the admissions document found on the website (on page 3) will be used to determine the children that should be offered the places.