Recognising Behaviour


Recognising Behaviour

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Starbank Secondary creates opportunities for the inculcation of a Growth Mindset ideology by unifying all student/teacher interactions through a shared ‘Language for Learning’, based upon our four key values the ‘4Rs’:

  • Responsible,
  • Resourceful,
  • Ready,
  • Resilient

All student/teacher interactions, those both recognising positive examples of the values in action and those recognising areas for reflection and development of these values, will be phrased through the 4Rs – the letters through our ‘stick of rock’, so to speak.

Our ‘Recognition’ system will explicitly identify behaviours associated positively with each value at point of performance, familiarising students with successful practice framed through a shared language for learning, developing a student capacity to recognise and discuss successful working habits through exposure. Similarly, where the demonstrable lack of the given value has impaired potential progress and inhibited learning, recognising the behaviours that have caused the negative consequences helps students amend their own behaviour accordingly.

In this manner, the ‘Recognition’ system inculcates a Growth Mindset by:

  • explicitly recognising positive behaviours to serve as arêtes (peer role-models),
  • recognising individual effort, not praising the individual.