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Whilst we are unable to meet together as teachers and students, we are fortunate in that we can use technology to provide a meaningful learning experience to all students. 

Your teachers have been working hard to adapt your learning so that it is suitable for you to access independently, through Microsoft Teams and other learning platforms as described.

For each year group, you will find a ‘Distant Learning Menu’ of the work that has been set by your teachers for the next two weeks coming ahead.

You will see:

  • the content you need to cover,
  • the activities to complete to make sure you are understanding,
  • and the assessed piece that you will be required to complete and submit to your teachers via Teams. This will be marked and returned to you.

These ‘Menus’ will be updated fortnightly with fresh work and more content from different subjects, so remember to check you year groups website regularly.

We are aware that an on-line lesson will never replace the experience of working with your peers and with your teachers but, whilst we are unable to do so, distance learning will serve as an important intermediary.

I hope you will all embrace this with the same enthusiasm and desire for success that you would every day in school.

Mr Walker
Deputy Head

Year Groups

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

School may be closed, but the best students will remain hungry for quality learning opportunities. Working independently is going to be quite a challenge and will require individual resilience and determination. Independent learning is not the same as learning on your own, however: your teachers will be available on-line at the times detailed below to offer support and ensure you are progressing: much in the same way as University tutors engage students for distance learning degrees. To contact your teachers, simply log in to Office 365 Teams, find the room/teacher you want and make contact. Your teachers will be on-hand to support your independent learning through contact such as:
  • Answering direct questions that you may have regarding content,
  • Posting activties and subject-related challenges such as past-paper questions,
  • Coordinating pre-arranged on-line tutorials based on a theme, for example: “10:00-10:30: online chat reviewing Weber’s explanation of Social Stratification with Mr Walker
  • Setting new reading or wider resources to really master your subjects,
  • Responding to submitted work or sharing good examples of practice,
  • Raising aspirations by looking past GCSE to Post-16 courses, demonstrating how your GCSE will lay a foundation of skills and knowledge to succeed at A-Level (or equivalent).
Each subject area has a set time during which they will be online each day – if a student wished, they could engage with teachers directly for a full 25 hours per working week via these means.




Creatives: Art, DT, Music, Food, Photography


Higher Maths, Foundation Maths


Science: Triple, Higher, Foundation


English Lit, English Lang


Humanities: Geog, Hist, RE


Spanish, iMedia, PE

If you are having issues logging in please email with your Name, Form and Date of Birth and the ICT team will get back to you on the contract details you supply.


Students and parents can contact Subject Leaders and subject teachers directly via email during school working hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for reply.

English S Roy
English L Ali
Maths I Rehim
Maths N Bukradeen
Science N Kiyani
Science S Hussain
Creatives (DT, Food, Art and Photography) G Gurney
Music A Marsh
Art and Photography S Arif
Geography F Catall
Geography J Begum
History F Inman
History S Gregory
Religious Studies S Khalid
Religious Studies P Walker
Sociology P Walker
Spanish J Khan
Spanish E Rubio
PE V Allen
PE R White

If pupils have any login queries, they can contact

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