Year 10

Greetings to students of Year 10,

I hope that you and your families are safe, secure and staying as positive as you possibly can be, whilst we are all following government guidance to stay inside. As I write this we are in our third week of school closure, although with the Easter holidays added it is now five weeks since we have all been together. It is not an easy task, to avoid going out and seeing other people; however, every day you stay at home is a day in which you are ensuring both your own safety and the safety and wellbeing of other people as well. Each of you are contributing towards our country’s collective efforts to combat Corona and staying at home is how we can ‘play our part’ towards returning life to as close to normal as we can hope for. We are living through unprecedented times, certainly the most significant global experience in living memory; we need to look after ourselves and one another.

Staying at home might be the ‘right thing’, but the right thing is rarely the same as the ‘easy option’ and you may be feeling a range of emotions: worry for the health of yourself or of others; concerns about making sure your GCSE Progress does not slip; even feeling a bit frustrated or bored that you are restricted to one location. All of these are perfectly understandable. By way of support, I thought it might be helpful to gather together quality resources and facilities for you to engage with as part of your own independent learning, to bolster your own daily efforts to study and to ensure you are ready for a successful return to school and your final year of study before you sit your GCSEs, whenever that return date may be. I have detailed these resources in a list below this letter.

I genuinely miss seeing you all, and especially seeing you all together; I haven’t asked anyone to take their coat off in weeks! Stay in touch with your teachers and with one another through Teams and let’s look forward to when we can finally go back to school.

Kind regards,

Mr P Walker
Deputy Head 
Mr H Amin,
Head of Year 10 




Year 10 : 06-07-20 to 20-07-20

Creative Subjects

Year 10 : 22-06-20 to 03-07-20


Year 10 : 06-06-20 to 19-06-20


Accessing Online Learning


GCSE Pod is an on-line learning platform. It hosts a wide range of subject and exam-specific resources including videos covering course content, assignments and self-check tasks. GCSE Pod also tracks the progress of individual students and personalises ‘next steps’ to best support your development and GCSE Progress. At time of writing, all bar 35 Y10 students have activated their GCSE Pod accounts – let’s have 100% activation by the end of the week!

Students can access a section on GCSE Pod called “My Courses.”  Here you can view upcoming exams (including exam dates) and view playlists of Pods covering the topics relevant to each exam.  I encourage you to review topics that have been taught in class and revise your prior knowledge: tick the star icon to ‘favourite’ any Pods you wish to return to.

Finally, in Maths and English Literature, you can test your knowledge independently using GCSE Pod’s fantastic ‘Check & Challenge’ feature.  To do so, visit any Maths and selected English Literature playlists and click the purple “C&C”.  This will start a short self-marking assessment.

If your parents would like to know more, please direct them to where they can find lots more information and resources.

Logging in to GCSE Pod:

  • Go to and click “Login” in the top right-hand corner
  • Click “New here? Get started.”
  • Select “Student”
  • Enter your name, date of birth and the school name.
  • Create a username, password, and a password hint to help them remember the password.

If you have any questions regarding GCSE Pod please message


Seneca is a similar learning platform to GCSE Pod that will support students learning Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Hospitality & Catering. Your Science teachers may also direct you to specific tasks set up on Seneca.

Logging in to Senca

  • Go to and click “students start here” on the first button
  • Click the title of the unit that you wish to study,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to answer the questions.
  • Seneca will mark your responses and suggest next steps personalised to individual need.


Mathswatch is an electronic learning platform dedicated to Mathematics. This is another excellent resource that also tracks your responses and sets tasks personalised to your own areas for development, based on your responses to questions.

Logging in to Mathswatch:

  • Go to and enter ‘username’ and ‘password’,
  • Click the title of the unit that you wish to study to access the video,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to answer the associated questions.
  • Seneca will mark your responses and suggest next steps personalised to individual need.

Active Learn

Active Learn hosts resources to support Spanish revision; a great platform to practice your skills and immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture.

Logging in to Active Learn:

  • Go to and enter ‘username’ and ‘password’,
  • Click the title of the unit that you wish to study to access the video,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to answer the associated questions.
  • Seneca will mark your responses and suggest next steps personalised to individual need.

BBC Bitesize Daily
(ideal for those without computer access)

BBC Bitesize Daily is a newly-established improvement to the existing BBC Bitesize resource. It includes videos, quizzes, activities, animations and practice tasks organised by year group and by subject, focussing primarily on Core subjects (English, Maths, Science) with four distinct ‘lessons’ per day. As much of the content is video based, this is accessible for students who have access to the internet but not necessarily a computer of their own to work on.

It is well worth a look and the daily update adds a pleasing sense of structure and progression. You can check it out here:

Mental health and wellbeing

Studying is helpful to maintaining a positive mental perspective by creating a sense of purpose and structure to your days. However, we do find ourselves in unusual circumstances and our physical wellbeing impacts equally on our overall health. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating healthily and taking time to exercise as best you can: I recommend the Joe Wicks PE workout sessions daily on YouTube as a great means of keeping yourself active and fit (I am completing these myself – half an hour doesn’t sound like a long time to exercise until you’re doing the actual exercises!).

Should you have concerns or worries regarding emotional or physical wellbeing however, we have compiled links on our school website that will direct you to support and guidance. You can find that here:

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