Year 7 – Distance Learning Menu – 06-06-20 to 19-06-20

Whilst we are unable to meet together as teachers and students, we are fortunate in that we can use technology to provide a meaningful learning experience to all students.

Your teachers have been working hard to adapt your learning so that it is suitable for you to access independently, through Microsoft Teams and other learning platforms as described.

You will find here a ‘Menu’ of the work that has been set by your teachers for the next two weeks coming ahead. You will see the content you need to cover, the activities to complete to make sure you are understanding, and the assessed piece that you will be required to complete and submit to your teachers via Teams. This will be marked and returned to you.

These ‘Menus’ will be updated fortnightly with fresh work and more content from different subjects, so remember to check this website regularly.

We are aware that an on-line lesson will never replace the experience of working with your peers and with your teachers but, whilst we are unable to do so, distance learning will serve as an important intermediary.

I hope you will all embrace this with the same enthusiasm and desire for success that you would every day in school.

Mr Walker,

Deputy Head




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You will be working on a number of tasks in preparation towards your Autumn 1 unit – Myths & Legends. You will find all the information, texts and links set in the work book by your English teacher in your Class Group on Teams.

To be completed during 08/06 – 12/06
To be completed during 15/06 – 19/06

1.       Find the definition
2.       Figurative language
3.       Spelling Bee (technical language)
4.       Annotation
5.       Sequencing
6.       Spelling Bee (associated vocabulary)
7.       Sentence Types
8.       Language Analysis
9.       Spelling Bee (mixed)
10.   Paragraphing

1.       Colons & Semi-Colons
2.       Spelling Bee
3.       Character Context
4.       Dash, Hyphen, Parenthesis,
5.       Descriptive writing,
6.       Research Quiz,
7.       Bollywood meets Hollywood,
8.       Applying Key Terms,
9.       Reading (extract),
10.   Reflection Journal


  • Please watch the videos on MathsWatch and Corbettmaths.

  • Attempt the examples and make notes to improve your understanding before moving onto the questions.

  • Ensure you are completing your daily tasks set to the best of your ability.

  • If you need any additional help and support, please contact the Maths department via Teams or email.

Maths 7A

To be completed during 08/06 – 12/06
To be completed during 15/06 – 19/06
Analysing data
Analysing data continued

Maths 7B

To be completed during
08/06 – 12/06
To be completed during
15/06 – 19/06
Number skills
Consolidation of Number skills



Topic: Organising Ecosystems, Adaptation
  • Topic information is posted by your teachers on your Team pages.
  • Practice questions can be found in the ‘Assessment’ folder on Teams.

All work needs to be submitted by the 22nd June. Teacher marking and feedback will be by the 26th June.

To be completed during
08/06 – 12/06
To be completed during
15/06 – 19/06
  • Acids and alkalis – Students should be able to identify the differences between acids and alkalis
  • Indicators and pH – Explain how indicators are used and what pH tells us.
  • Neutralisation – Students should be able to describe neutralisation and provide examples of neutralisation reactions.
  • Making salts – Explore the products of neutralisation.