Year 7 – Distance Learning Menu – 06-07-20 to 20-07-20

Whilst we are unable to meet together as teachers and students, we are fortunate in that we can use technology to provide a meaningful learning experience to all students.

Your teachers have been working hard to adapt your learning so that it is suitable for you to access independently, through Microsoft Teams and other learning platforms as described.

You will find here a ‘Menu’ of the work that has been set by your teachers for the next two weeks coming ahead. You will see the content you need to cover, the activities to complete to make sure you are understanding, and the assessed piece that you will be required to complete and submit to your teachers via Teams. This will be marked and returned to you.

These ‘Menus’ will be updated fortnightly with fresh work and more content from different subjects, so remember to check this website regularly.

We are aware that an on-line lesson will never replace the experience of working with your peers and with your teachers but, whilst we are unable to do so, distance learning will serve as an important intermediary.

I hope you will all embrace this with the same enthusiasm and desire for success that you would every day in school.

Mr Walker,

Deputy Head












You will be completing all Mastery tasks in preparation towards your Autumn 1 unit – Myths & Legends. You will find all the information, texts and links set in the work book by your English teacher in your Class Group on Teams.

  1. Colons & Semi-Colons
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. Character Context
  4. Dash, Hyphen, Parenthesis
  5. Descriptive writing
  6. Research Quiz
  7. Bollywood meets Hollywood
  8. Applying Key Terms
  9. Reading (extract)
  10. Reflection Journal

Link to assessed piece – due 10.07.2020

Year 7 Quiz on Microsoft Forms:



Maths 7AMA1 | 7AMA2 | 7AMA3

W/C 6th July Equations, functions and formulae
W/C 13th July Equations, functions and formulae continued

Maths 7BMA1 7BMA2 7BMA3

W/C 6th July Decimals and measures
W/C 13th July Decimals and measures



Topic: Seed dispersal and Scientific skills                                                                 
  • All resources are available on teams, including revision tools and assessments. Students will also have assignments set on Seneca (KS3/4) and GCSE Pod (KS4).
  • KS3- Mastery quizzes will be set per topic.
w/c 06/07/2020
w/c 13/06/2020
  • Seed dispersal – Describe the different ways seeds can be dispersed and how they are adapted to their methods of dispersal
  • Case study – Seed dispersal investigation: page 56 – Plan an investigation to see how far different seeds travel. HINTS: identify the variables, what will you measure? How will you make the investigation repeatable and reliable?
  • Revision of Reproduction topic – Define the key words on page 56
  • Revision – Complete the end of chapter questions page 57.
  • Use SENECA Senca Learning and bbcbitesize  Bitesize
  • Equipment – select appropriate equipment for experiments and define precision and accuracy
  • Variables – define the three types of variable and identify them in an experiment
  • Method writing – identify the features of, and write, an experimental method
  • Skills Mastery Quiz 1


Over the next two weeks focus on British Empire

  • Lesson 3 – Should we be proud of the British Empire?
  • Lesson 4 – Where was the Mughal Empire?

What do you need to do?

On the year 7 section of teams you will find two folders related to lesson 3 & lesson 4.  Your task is to download the powerpoint and complete all the tasks, just as you would do in lesson with your teacher.  A link to the year 7 folder is below.

LINK TO Teams – Y7 Folder

For Lesson Three – you must complete the essay question on the final slide of the powerpoint and return it to your history teacher via email by the 10th July 2020.

For Lesson Four – you must return a response to the essay question on the ‘Assessment Slide’ to your history teacher by 17th  July 2020. 


All work will be posted on teams. Students work through the worksheet for each session. At the end of the two week block an assessment of the work covered will be posted onto teams.

To be completed week 6 July
To be completed 13 July



  • Resources are accessible via Pearson Active Learn student book
  • Upload worksheet to Microsoft Teams or send to Miss García via email ( 
w/c 06.07.2020
w/c 29/06/2020
  • MY TOWN (MI CIUDAD). Viva 1, Module 5.

  • LO: to translate a paragraph describing what there is in your town.

  • Instructions: Complete this online worksheet in the same document (includes vocabulary and translation) along your ActiveLearn weekly homework.



KS3: Work is available on the teams class groups and is a longitudinal project that students should have been working on this term.


KS3: Assignments are available on the individual teams class pages for the various rotations-RM/Food/Textiles-  students to continue to follow the guidance set by teachers on these pages. Weekly/ fortnightly assignments have been set and will continue to be set for the next 3 weeks


KS3/4: Practical video tutorials have been set for the past few weeks and are available on individual teams class groups- these have been set as assignments by the teachers.

Theory work:

KS3: Assignments are available for written work on individual teams class groups and will continue to be for the next 3 weeks.


KS3: To continue to work on set assignments on individual teams groups pages. These will have been updated weekly and will continue to be over the next 3 weeks.


Year 7 Topic: Inspirational People

You will find all the information, workbook and tasks set by your teacher in your Class Group on Teams. You will continue to look into the lives of key inspirational people and how they are inspired by their religious beliefs. You will look at: Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Malala, and Ghandi.

Part one of work book to be submitted by 10th July. You will describe and explain the following;

  • Why Martin Luther King is considered inspirational.
  • How religious beliefs can affect the actions of believers.
  • The importance of the Civil Rights Movement.

Part two to be submitted by 17th July. You will describe and explain the following;

  • Key events of Malala’s life.
  • The importance of education.
  • The 5 Precepts & Thich Quang Duc



Year 7 – Core PE

Week 1-3

  • Complete the challenge and upload your results. You are competing against others in your school and the schools in the local area. There are prizes to be won.
  • Each week the challenges change.
  • Information to sign up has already been sent via teams as an assignment to all PE groups.

Also links to works out as follows:

Week 1 – Cricket

Week 2

Week 3- Fitness work out


You will be doing assignments on Teams reinforcing knowledge about using computers safely, effectively and responsibly. It begins with e-safety and online profiles to help give you a better understanding and awareness of using social media. Keeping your data safe together with the functionality of email and effective use of search engines are also covered. Each set assignment includes detailed PowerPoints, resource links and worksheets. The unit is concluded with a multiple-choice test.

WB 06/07

Assignment: Learn about the possible dangers of social networking sites, how to respond to threats on the Internet and how to keep your identity secure on the Internet.

Assignment: Learn how to create a secure, memorable password, identify a phishing scam and how to avoid being a victim of an email scam.

WB 13/07

Assignment: To learn how to send, respond to and forward emails, search your old emails for a sender, subject, resize large image files before sending and manage your contacts list. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of email.

Assignment: Define the term “search engine” and name examples. Learn techniques to use a search engine efficiently and appreciate that there is no guarantee that the information on the Internet is accurate.

Assessment: Multiple-choice test.