Year 7 – Distance Learning Menu – 22-06-20 to 03-07-20

Whilst we are unable to meet together as teachers and students, we are fortunate in that we can use technology to provide a meaningful learning experience to all students.

Your teachers have been working hard to adapt your learning so that it is suitable for you to access independently, through Microsoft Teams and other learning platforms as described.

You will find here a ‘Menu’ of the work that has been set by your teachers for the next two weeks coming ahead. You will see the content you need to cover, the activities to complete to make sure you are understanding, and the assessed piece that you will be required to complete and submit to your teachers via Teams. This will be marked and returned to you.

These ‘Menus’ will be updated fortnightly with fresh work and more content from different subjects, so remember to check this website regularly.

We are aware that an on-line lesson will never replace the experience of working with your peers and with your teachers but, whilst we are unable to do so, distance learning will serve as an important intermediary.

I hope you will all embrace this with the same enthusiasm and desire for success that you would every day in school.

Mr Walker,

Deputy Head








W/C 22nd June
W/C 29th June
  • Myths and Legends Booklet
  • Complete all Emerging tasks
  • Myths and Legends Booklet
  • Complete all mastery tasks

Quiz Link to be posted on class Teams page by English Teacher on 22.06.2020

Complete quiz to practise fundamental English skills such as comprehension, inference and deduction spelling and grammar.

Year 7 booklet 


  • Please watch the videos on MathsWatch and Corbettmaths.

  • Attempt the examples and make notes to improve your understanding before moving onto the questions.

  • Ensure you are completing your daily tasks set to the best of your ability.

  • If you need any additional help and support, please contact the Maths department via Teams or email.

Maths 7AMA1 7AMA2 7AMA3

W/C 22nd June Number Skills
W/C 29th June Number Skills continued

Maths 7BMA1 7BMA2 7BMA3

W/C 22nd June- Expressions, Functions and formulae
W/C 29th June- Consolidation of expressions, functions and formulae



Topic: Reproduction
  • All resources are available on teams, including revision tools and assessments. Students will also have assignments set on Seneca (KS3/4) and GCSE Pod (KS4).
  • KS3- Mastery quizzes will be set per topic.
w/c 22/06/2020
w/c 29/06/2020
  • Adolescence – Describe the difference between adolescence and puberty and give examples of changes duding adolescence
  • Reproductive systems – Describe the functions of parts of the male and female reproductive systems.
  • Fertilisation and implantation – Define the terms fertilisation and implantation, including which structures are involved.
  • Development of a foetus – Describe where the foetus develops and the role of the placenta.


Over the next two weeks focus on British Empire:

  • Lesson 1 – What was the British Empire and where was it?
  • Lesson 2 – In depth study of the British Empire in India

What do you need to do?

On the year 7 section of teams you will find two folders related to lesson 1 & lesson 2.  Your task is to download the powerpoint and complete all the tasks, just as you would do in lesson with your teacher.  A link to the year 7 folder is below.

  • For Lesson One – you must return the ‘Why did Britain want an Empire?’ sheet to your history teacher via email by the 26th June 2020.
  • For Lesson Two – you must return either the postcard or speech to your history teacher by 3rd July 2020. Success criteria can be found on the second to last slide of the powerpoint.


To be completed week 22nd June

To be completed week 22nd June
To be completed 29th June



  • Resources are accessible via Pearson Active Learn student book

  • Microsoft teams (videos and assignments)

  • Links to documents in Google Drive

Viva 1 Reading Gap fill Writing activities
w/c 22/06/2020
w/c 29/06/2020
  • Physical Descriptions I. Complete the activities from this document (link to Google Drive) and remember to send activity 5 to Miss García via email.
  • BONUS! – Interactive Quiz… Can you score over 75%? (you can use your school email for this) – Hyperlink: Link
  • Physical Descriptions II. Complete the activities from this document (link to Google Driveand remember to send activity 5 to Miss García via email.