Year 9 – Distance Learning Menu – 22-06-20 to 03-07-20

Whilst we are unable to meet together as teachers and students, we are fortunate in that we can use technology to provide a meaningful learning experience to all students.

Your teachers have been working hard to adapt your learning so that it is suitable for you to access independently, through Microsoft Teams and other learning platforms as described.

You will find here a ‘Menu’ of the work that has been set by your teachers for the next two weeks coming ahead. You will see the content you need to cover, the activities to complete to make sure you are understanding, and the assessed piece that you will be required to complete and submit to your teachers via Teams. This will be marked and returned to you.

These ‘Menus’ will be updated fortnightly with fresh work and more content from different subjects, so remember to check this website regularly.

We are aware that an on-line lesson will never replace the experience of working with your peers and with your teachers but, whilst we are unable to do so, distance learning will serve as an important intermediary.

I hope you will all embrace this with the same enthusiasm and desire for success that you would every day in school.

Mr Walker,

Deputy Head








W/C 22nd June
W/C 29th June
  • Survival Stories Booklet
  • Compete week 3 tasks – How Should We Remember the First World War?
  • Survival Stories Booklet
  • Complete week 4 tasks –  Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat by Winston Churchill

Quiz Link to be posted on class Teams page by English Teacher on 06.07.2020

Complete quiz to practice analysing how writers use language and structure to reveal their survival stories.

Year 9 booklet


  • Please watch the videos on MathsWatch and Corbettmaths.

  • Attempt the examples and make notes to improve your understanding before moving onto the questions.

  • Ensure you are completing your daily tasks set to the best of your ability.

  • If you need any additional help and support, please contact the Maths department via Teams or email.

Maths 9AMA1 9AMA2 9AMA3

W/C 22nd June – Equations and inequalities
W/C 29th June- Quadratic simultaneous equations

Solving quadratic equations
Solving harder quadratic equations

Completing the square
Solving simple simultaneous equations
Solving harder simultaneous equations

Solving linear and quadratic equation
Using graphs to solve equations
Consolidation of equations

Maths 9AMA4 9BMA1 9BMA2 9BMA3 9BMA4

W/C 22nd June – Simultaneous Equations, Graphs, Algebra
W/C 29th June – Consolidation of Sequences

Working through Equations using various techniques

Generating sequences, Nth term, missing numbers, problem solving


Topic: Electricity in the home / Non-communicable diseases
  1. Work through topic information.
  2. Answer Practice questions – assignments folder.
  3. Complete Seneca task.
  4. Complete GCSE Pod Task.
  5. Complete end of topic test in assignment folder.   
w/c 22nd June – P5 Electricity in the home 
w/c 29th July – B7 Non-communicable diseases

Students should be able to describe and explain the following concepts:

  • Alternating Current
  • Cables and plugs
  • Electrical power and potential difference
  • Electrical currents and energy transfer
  • Appliances and Efficiency

Students should be able to describe and explain the following concepts:

  • Non-communicable diseases
  • Cancer
  • Smoking and the risk of disease
  • Diet, exercise, and disease
  • Alcohol and other carcinogens


Over the next two weeks we will return our focus to Medicine Through Time.  In the year 9 area of teams there have been two folders uploaded.  Link below.

Link to Teams

Lesson 1

  • Case Study – Cholera.  You should download all the resources and work through them as you would do in a normal lesson.  If you need help with anything then you should email your history teacher.
  • At the end of the powerpoint there is an essay question.  This must be returned to your history teacher by 26th June 2020.

Lesson 2

  • A consolidation lesson with revision activities from the last section of the course.  You should complete all these activities.  There is also a consolidation assessment on a separate powerpoint.  This needs to be completed and sent to your teacher by 3rd July 2020.


To be completed week 22nd June

To be completed week 22nd June
To be completed 29th June



  • Resources are accessible via Pearson Active Learn student book
  • Microsoft teams (videos and assignments)
  • Links to documents in Google Drive
w/c 22nd June
w/c 29th June

Viva GCSE Foundation and Higher

  • Free time and Technology.
  • Social media networks
  • What you use them for
  • Giving extensive opinions about it and talking about what other people do

Vocab Learn – Reading – Translation – Writing