Statement of British Values


Statement of British Values

Starbank School Favicon British Values at Starbank Secondary

A statement regarding our ethos towards the ongoing inculcation of British Values

Education influences and reflects the values of society, and the kind of society we want to be. It is important, therefore, to recognise a broad set of common values and purposes that underpin the work of all Starbank Students, but specifically here our Secondary Students.

  • A sense of belonging

Our students are universally encouraged to participate in and identify with our school and wider community, through academic, Extra-Curricular and Enrichment opportunities. Students engage with their local community through Work Experience, coordinated family holidays to seaside locations, competitions involving all stakeholders and parental workshops; our school is the hub for our community and learning does not end when our students leave. We all have a place in our society and a wider role to fill.

  • Individual liberty

Our school motto reflects our intrinsic belief that we are ‘Shaping the Stars of tomorrow’; a key aspect of which is the capacity and desire to retain individual autonomy and sense of personhood. We promote this in Secondary through the ongoing inculcation and role-modelling of:

  1. Enthusiasm and motivation for learning,
  2. Determination to reach high standards of achievement,
  • Openess to new thinking and ideas,
  1. Creative and flexible problem-solving,
  2. Recognition of individual successes both academic and otherwise through our rewards system and Wide Horizons opportunities,
  3. Promotion of the Performing Arts,
  • Willingness to embrace new experiences through our broad Extra-Curricular offer.
  • Rule of Law

We have a clearly structured behaviour policy which all members of our community observe and maintain.

We have a fruitful and purposeful working relationship with our link PSCO, who acts as a mentor and role-model to students as well as leading Wide Horizons assemblies on issues such as E-Safety and DRE. In addition, students learn about and explore the function and purpose of the Law through dedicated Religious Studies, History and PSHCE lessons.

  • Mutual Respect

We offer free option choices to all students; no student will be denied the opportunity to undertake a subject they feel passionately about taking.

We promote equality and tolerance with British Values, Stonewall and CRE displays throughout the school.

We challenge stereotypes through assemblies and tutor-time WH discussion, as well as at any occasion it is necessary through any aspect of the school day.

All teachers engage in positive behaviour management strategies, focussing on negative behaviour choices rather than students as individuals; this is a vital aspect of developing relationships grounded on mutual trust and necessary as part of embodying and role-modelling the positive behaviours of mutual respect we strive to inculcate within our student body.

  • Democracy and Democratic Values

Our Student Council representatives are democratically elected by their peers. All students participate annually in a full election process including hearing or delivering hustings, promotion campaigns, voting and electing representatives.

Our students are involved in the interviewing and recruitment of our staff through Student Voice opportunities, as well as participating in democratic events to determine aspects of wider school life.

Student Voice feedback and suggestion boxes inform the focus and content of Wide Horizons educational opportunities, determining educational focus and content democratically.

Our students explore specific issues of democracy and citizenship through Religious Studies, History and Geography curricular content.