Work Experience & Careers Guidance


Work Experience & Careers Guidance

A statement regarding our ethos towards supporting Secondary Students develop an appreciation for the function and purpose of solid GCSE results to support successful Exit Strategy destinations.

At Starbank we believe that education in isolation is limited in potential; that our students learn best when they realise the practical application that underlies our provision, be it curricular or pastoral.

All Starbank Secondary students will participate in our work experience programme during Y10. Whilst this may seem perhaps a little early compared to other schools, this reflects the faith we have in the relative maturity of our students and on the importance we place in real-world experiences: our students should enter GCSEs with an awareness, gained through phronesis, of what life beyond school is like.

We ensure all our students engage for the following reasons:

  1. Growth comes from challenge; real-world challenge will encourage similar self-development.
  2. School can be an abstract experience for students; to see how and why their learning is applied within the context of the wider world will contextualise and reinforce efforts within school
  • We have high expectations regarding the maturity that our students demonstrate; by placing them in employment at the age of 14, we are providing opportunity for our students to live up to and surpass our expectations
  1. Real-world experience is vital when considering applications for Exit Destinations into Post 16 education and beyond; it is critical our students have a rich, personalised experience to add in support of their applications
  2. Learning does not exist in a vacuum – our students should engage in as wide a range of experiences as possible as steps on their individual journey’s towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Points of evaluation

  • All potential placements are evaluated through external agencies prior to being offered to students, in order to ensure a safe and suitable working environment for our young people.
  • Each placement identifies a designated W/Exp Lead individual who will be the key point of contact with school, home and any concerned agencies as first call.
  • All Y10 on placements are visited by a member of Starbank school staff, who will perform a dual task of ascertaining and evaluating their progress from the employer, whilst ensuring the students are gainfully employed, treated fairly and with respect and that the experience is purposeful and positive for all involved.


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If you would like further information about our careers programme, please contact our Careers Leader Stuart Tonks (Vice Principal Secondary)  via our main phone line 0121 464 2638 or enquire at the Hob Moor Road office.



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