Year 8 Options

Video Transcript

Good morning Year 8
It’s me, Mr Tatt, your favorite head of year

Hello Mrs Donohoe here, we miss you all,
this video is here to explain the options process to you
but first…

We are into Week 6 of the lock down and its been a difficult process as we go through it, lets hope it doesn’t last for too long.
What I want to make sure from you guys is that first and foremost, you are safe and well, that your families are safe and well and that your following the government guidelines
to make sure that you are doing everything so that we can get through this as soon as
– Social Distancing
– Making sure we are washing our hands on a regular basis
– Not being our when you shouldn’t be out
If we do those things and everyone does those things and we work together, then we will get through this sooner rather than later.

In terms of the online curriculum, I want to make sure that you are accessing that as well. Its important that you keep up to date with all the work you have been sent, all the work that is available to you, so that when do step back into into school and you step back into your lessons, its an easy process for you, or its a better process for you.

We want to get you guys back into school as soon as possible, As you can see, behind me, this corridor me is really really quiet, the school is really really quiet, and that’s because you guys aren’t here. Once your here, we can all get back to normal, we can start doing our job, you can do your job, in terms of accessing the curriculum and making sure you get the grades that you need to get.

We have got some information for you in terms of your options that Mrs Donohoe is going to give to you once I pass over to her.

Again, I just want to make sure you guys are safe, we want you back here as soon as possible,
Can’t wait to get back to working with you all again, believe it or not!

I’m now going to pass onto Mrs Donohoe, she’s going to give you the information in terms of your options, and how that process works.

See you guys soon

Mrs Donohoe:

Oh thank you Mr Tatt,
Hello again Year 8, I hope you are staying safe and well as Mr Tatt said and I also hope that you are being kind and

These are very strange times for everyone, and I’m sure the offer of making someone a cup of tea or helping with dinner would be really appreciated by your families.

Right, options… this is a really weird way of doing options. Normally we would do assemblies, parents evenings, taster sessions and there would be time for your teachers to talk to you about what their subject looks like at GCSE, never the less, we have a plan B.

The decisions you are about to make are really important.

And they are really important because, this is probably the first time you are going to make a major decision in your education. Its also really important because the choices you are about to make, mean that these subjects, you will be studying for the next 3 years.

Their going to be more challenging, your going to be working harder and there is probably going to be more pressure on you too. So make sure you choose wisely.

Pick subjects that you have a real interest in, it might be that you already have a career in mind. In which case, pick some options that link to that.

So – how does this all work? Let me explain.
In the post and also through your school email, your going to receive an options booklet.
The options booklet has 3 sections, the first sections is a letter, the middle section is subject information from your teachers and the final sections is the QR code that will link to a Microsoft Form for you to compete to option choices.

You need to read this information really carefully.

Why? Because the option process this year is different to any previous year. Why is that? Partly because we are becoming a STAR academy, but more importantly, decisions have been made in order to make sure that you get the best deal. So any changes you notice, have been made with your best interests at heart.

I’m going to take you through this step by step so bare with me.

I need you to read the letter at the front of the booklet. This will tell you what YOUR option process looks like, and it tells you how many choices YOU can make. This is different for everyone, so make you read this bit really carefully. It will also tell you about some subjects that are compulsory, meaning that we have to take them. These are:
English Language and English Literature
GCSE Maths and GCSE Science – your booklet will tell you if you are a triple student or combined student.
some people will have compulsory GCSE Spanish.
Everyone will have a compulsory GCSE RS.
You will notice that everybody will have Core PE and PSHE, these are not examined, these subjects are just for your well being.

You will notice the next choice you have to make is whether you are going to study GCSE History or Geography.

After that in the booklet it will tell you how many other other choices you have, read that part really carefully.

The next section you need to read is the middle of the booklet, this is where teacher have spent some real time preparing guidance for you around their subjects and what is expected at GCSE. Read these carefully, especially if your thinking of taking these as an option.

This, I guess, is your thinking time. I’ve come up with some suggestions to people you can talk to, who can answer questions, things that have helped people in the past.

The first port of call would be to go on Teams, your teachers are prepared and waiting for you to answer any questions about their subjects, it might be that you just want to know a bit more the course, or it might be that you want a personalized conversation with them about whether you think or they think this subject is suited for you.

A really important one is talking to your parents, it is your choice but they will have really good ideas about whether this is suitable for you and whether this matches your future aspirations.

You might know some other GCSE students and you may be able to speak to them on the phone to get some ideas about things they have enjoyed.

We have also created a personalized dedicated email address for you to ask questions to us. We will be manning this email address and answering any of your queries so if you are not sure, please ask. Do worry about scribbling now, its in the bio next to this video.

What do you do when you have made your decision?
You either need to click the link that was in the email, or, use a QR reader to use the QR code at the back of the options booklet. This will take you to a Microsoft Form that you need to complete. Once you have done that and submitted, it will come to us, we can then start compiling it all and start timetabling.

Its a big decision, I know, take some tim to think about it. Talk to people about it. Read about it.

You have one week from today to make your decision. Your deadline to submit your application is Thursday 7th May.

Happy Reading, Good Luck, See you soon, bye.

Questions or Queries?

We have also created a dedicated email address to answer any queries you may have.

Hello Year 8.

This is a short video to explain the options process. I’m going to walk you through the process, step by step. You should receive by post and/or by your school email account an Options booklet. This will explain your Options process and how many choices you can make. This is different for everyone, so please read this carefully.

Make sure you discuss any concerns with your Teachers/Tutor over Teams and take time to discuss this with your parents. We have also created a dedicated email address to answer any queries you may have.

Once you have made your decisions, you need to click the link in your email or use a QR reader to scan the QR code on the back of the options booklet. Complete the Microsoft Form and submit.

Your deadline to submit your option choices is Thursday 7th May 2020.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Donohoe and Mr Tatt.

Aspire Options Booklet (2019-20)

Platinum Options Booklet (2019-20)

Progress Options Booklet (2019-20)

Star Options Booklet (2019-20)