Year 8 Option 2021

As a Year 8 student, you are approaching the first point in your school career in which you are asked to take ownership of your learning by deciding which subjects you wish to continue through to GCSE. Your choices are hugely important: the subjects you choose will influence your future prospects for Higher Education, training and employment. You will, in fact, be taking your first steps in determining the rest of your life. It is vital that you are as well informed about your choices and which future doors they might open for you as you look to Post 16 and beyond.

This webpage is designed to provide information about the subjects you will study in years 9, 10 and 11. There are a number of subjects that are compulsory and that all students must study, but you will also need to make decisions about the voluntary options you may wish to take for your GCSE examinations: or, conversely, which subjects you are willing to leave behind after Year 8. You must think very carefully about your options and gathering as much information as possible is vital at this stage. This webpage is a good start, but you should also:


  1. Talk to your teachers: do they feel you would enjoy the GCSE and/or engage well? What is the nature of the work like? Is this a subject you would be happy to continue with for a further three years?
  2. Talk to your Form Tutor: which subjects are you doing well in and stand a good chance of future success? How well are you performing in the subjects you are considering for study?
  3. Talk to your Head of Year: what are your Post-16 plans and beyond? Which is the correct path for you? Where do you want to be in five years? Ten? Do the subjects you are considering fit your post-16 education plans?
  4. Talk to your Parents: talk through your future intentions with them – do they have ideas about what would be a useful subject for you to realise your future ambitions? Remember that Mum and Dad might have ideas of what they want you to take, but that this is your choice – after all, you are signing up for a three-year commitment, so you can’t enter a course with anything less than absolute commitment!
  5. Talk to current GCSE pupils: perhaps the best people to talk to are current GCSE students – they can give you a student-voice evaluation of the positives and considerations for all GCSE options.

Humanities Option