Dear Parent/Guardian,

Further to my letter last week, I am writing to provide more guidance on your child’s return to school.

Return to School

On Monday 8th March, all pupils in Nursery to Year 6 will return to school.

Rules & Expectations

Please read the guidance on the next few pages and encourage your child to follow all of the expectations of them. We will share more information with your child when they return to school.

In particular, we need your child to follow each of the rules outlined below (for all pupils):

  1. Only attend school if you and all members of your household do not have Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. Arrive to school and leave to go home at the designated time. Do not congregate on school grounds.
  3. Use a sanitiser to disinfect hands on entering and leaving school and each lesson during the day. Wash hands with soap regularly during the day.
  4. Stick to your bubble and home base at all times.
  5. Avoid physical contact at all times. Maintain as much distance from others as possible.
  6. In the classroom, do not move the table or chair. Avoid touching displays and other surfaces.
  7. Do not share belongings (stationery, food etc) with others.
  8. Use your designated toilets only. Only enter the toilets if there is a free cubicle.

Maintenance work is currently being carried out on Starbank Road.  There will be a full road closure on Monday and Tuesday and partial closure for the rest of the week.  Please factor this in when travelling to school for morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups.  It is advisable that you walk to school where possible.  If you live far away and need to bring your car, please park up on a side street.

We really appreciate your support with this.  If you have any concerns or queries, or need support in any way, please contact the school.

I want to reassure our parents and families that we are very much looking forward to having all our pupils return to school – we have missed them! We hope that this is the last time that we have to go into a national lockdown and that face to face teaching in school quickly becomes the norm again. Support mechanisms are in place so that we can respond swiftly and robustly to the needs of pupils and secure their well-being as needed. We are looking forward to seeing all pupils on Monday 8th March.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N Riaz
Associate Principal (Starbank Road)

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COVID-19 Absence: A quick guide for Parents / Carers

Guidance for Parents and Pupils

What should I do if my child (or someone in our household) has symptoms?

Please read our guide on what to do if your child, or someone in the household, is affected by COVID-19.    This is available to download from the website

If your child (or anyone in their household) develops the symptoms of COVID-19, please:

  • Keep them at home to isolate with the rest of the household (including all siblings). If they develop symptoms of COVID-19 (or test positive) at school, we will keep them away from others and ask you to take them home.
  • Book a test immediately.
  • Inform the school that your child has symptoms and email the outcome of the test result to us so that we can keep the whole school community safe.

What should I do if my child is sent home (due to close contact with someone with COVID-19)?

If your child is sent home because they are a close contact, please ensure that:

  • They do not leave the home at all for 10 days from the last possible close contact.
  • You inform the school and get them tested if they develop symptoms during their isolation.
  • They participate in all of their lessons online, starting at 8:30/8:40am each morning. If your child needs to borrow a laptop for this purpose, please let the school know.

Please also note that:

  • If your child is sent home to isolate due to a possible close contact, siblings can still attend school.

How should my child access online learning if they are isolating?

If your child is isolating at home, they should access their learning online using MS Teams (as they have been trained).  Please remind your child of the following etiquettes when learning online:

  • Be organised and ready.
  • Have your laptop charged and Wi-Fi, learning packs, quiet space and working microphone ready.
  • Get dressed and be ready on time at 8:30/8:40am. Attend assembly and all lessons.
  • Avoid interrupting the teacher.  Use ‘hand’/chat.
  • Be patient.  The teacher is delivering to pupils in front of them at the same time.
  • Only put things on the chat that you would want your teacher to read.  Be polite, just like in person.

Arrival and Leaving

There are special arrangements to ensure that all pupils arrive and leave as safely as possible.

  Start of the Day End of the Day
Class Arrival Time Entrance Dismissal Time Dismissal Point
Nursery AM 8:20 – 8:30 Nursery Door 11:30 Nursery Door
Nursery PM 12:25 -12:30 Nursery Door 3:00 – 3:30 Nursery Door
RSN 8:20 – 8:30 RSN Classroom Door 3:00 RSN
RM 8:20 – 8:30 RM Classroom Door 3:00 RM
1EF 8:20 – 8:30 KS1 Door 2 3:00 KS1 Door 2
1Y 8:20 – 8:30 KS1 Door 1 3:00 KS1 Door 1
2CJ 8:30 – 8:40 KS1 Door 2 3:10 KS1 Door 2
2J 8:30 – 8:40 KS1 Door 3 3:10 KS1 Door 3
3G 8:20 – 8:25 Y3 Door 3:00 KS1 Playground
3S 8:25 – 8:30 Y3 Door 3:00 KS1 Playground
4B 8:30 – 8:35 Y4/5 Door 3:10 KS2 Upper Playground
4N 8:35 – 8:40 Y4/5 Door 3:10 KS2 Upper Playground
5ES 8:20 – 8:25 Y4/5 Door 3:00 KS2 Upper Playground
5S 8:25 – 8:30 Y4/5 Door 3:00 KS2 Upper Playground
6K 8:30 – 8:40 Y6 Door 3:10 KS2 Upper Playground
6R 8:30 – 8:40 Y6 Door 3:10 KS2 Upper Playground
  • To reduce crowding, pupils will arrive and leave at staggered timings and using different entrances.
  • Siblings with different bubble timings should arrive at 8:30am and leave at 3:10pm.
  • Once pupils arrive, they immediately go to their designated entrance.

Unless your child has a medical need or other vulnerability, parents should avoid coming to the school reception.

Uniform & Equipment

All pupils are expected to wear the full uniform.

  • Shoes must be plain, black, traditional in style and have a flat sole.
  • Pupils who have PE on that day will be allowed to wear their PE kit. A blazer must be worn over their PE top to wear around school.
  • Pupils should only bring the necessary books and stationery for each school day.
  • Pupils must not share stationery or equipment with others.

Face Coverings

  • Primary pupils are not expected to wear face coverings.


All pupils should maintain the best of hygiene at all times.

  • Pupils must sanitise their hands when they enter and leave the classroom.
  • Pupils should wash hands with soap regularly during the day, particularly before and after eating and after sneezing, coughing or using the toilet.
  • All surfaces in classrooms, toilets and dining areas will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • Shared spaces and classrooms will be disinfected between each use.

Learning & Rooming

  • Pupils will continue to follow a slightly adjusted timetable to accommodate additional reading, writing and maths lessons.
  • We will continue to focus on a recovery curriculum that will focus on reading, writing, maths and non-core subjects that we can safely teach. We will take opportunities to consolidate what the children learned during lockdown to ensure they have retained this learning and then build on this.  There will also be a focus on PSHE lessons to support pupils with feeling emotionally secure; they will only be able to learn if they feel safe and secure.


  • Class bubbles will follow a toilet rota to ensure no mixing of bubbles when accessing the toilets.
  • At all times, pupils should use their designated set of toilets.
  • Pupils should only enter the toilet area if a cubicle is free.

Break and Lunch Time

To avoid year groups mixing, and minimise crowding, break and lunch times have special arrangements.

  • There will be staggered timings for break and lunch times, as outlined below.
  • Pupils in Years 1 to 6 will eat in their classrooms, accompanied by an outdoor break.
  • Pupils in Reception will eat in the dining hall, accompanied by an outdoor break.
  • If your child has a packed lunch, this can be brought to school in a lunchbox.
  • If your child has school dinners or is entitled to a free school meal, they will continue to receive one via a ‘Grab&Go’ bag which will consist of hot or cold food items.

Attendance to School

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of the year.

  • The Government has said that all pupils are expected to be in school unless the pupil has been recently designated as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV).
  • It is understandable that some parents and pupils, particularly with clinically extremely vulnerable family members in their household, may be anxious about the return to school.
  • If you have any concerns, please contact the school so that we can share with you all of the measures we are taking to ensure school is safe.
  • It is really important that pupils attend school fully. Each year, pupils with the worst attendance make less progress and achieve lower grades in their studies.
  • In line with Government guidance, the school will insist that pupils attend school fully, mark absences as unauthorised unless there is a statutory reason and ask the Education Welfare Officer from the Local Authority to visit homes for pupils with poor attendance.
  • As you know, the school is not allowed to authorise any trips abroad during term time, particularly during this challenging time. Thank you for your support with this.



Return to school               Monday 8th March (All pupils)

Easter Holiday                  Friday 2nd April – Friday 16th April 2021


Re-open on                      Monday 19th April 2021

May Day Closure              Monday 3rd May 2021

Mid Term Closure            Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

Closure after school on    Friday 16th July 2021

‘Eid ul Fitr 1442 * Thursday 13th May and Friday 14th May 2021 *
* Please note that Eid dates may be revised slightly depending upon sighting of the moon. The school will communicate with all parents in due course regarding religious observation days.

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