Starbank School is training a group of secondary pupils to develop the skills to become anti-bullying ambassadors. Pupils from all year groups participated in a practical training session where they learnt active listening and communication skills, and all about confidentiality. Through a series of tasks and role plays, the young ambassadors developed different techniques to manage conflict and support the victims of bullying.

The pupils said that the session helped to develop their confidence and ability to support others. As anti-bullying ambassadors, the children will provide valuable care and support to their peers.

The next stage of their training will see pupils work with the school’s safeguarding lead to develop their mentoring skills. They will also be encouraged to share useful information about bullying with their classmates and will help to organise fundraising activities during national Anti-Bullying Week.

The pupil ambassadors have volunteered to support other pupils by having a presence at a designated ‘mentor meeting

point’ during break and lunch times. By offering friendship and peer-to-peer support, the ambassadors hope to nurture relationships and support their fellow pupils to resolve minor conflicts.

Commenting on the initiative, Gaetano Ferrante Principal of Starbank school said:

“We have already felt the benefit of added pupil support to our ethos and are excited to watch the ambassadors’ impact grow over the year. Raising the pupil profile around the school has been one of our priorities this year, and it’s great to see how the ambassadors are actively demonstrating our culture and values to the rest of the pupils.”