Dear Parents and Carers,

In preparation for the new half term and in our continuing drive to raise standards can I remind you of the high expectations we have of our pupils. In order to be prepared and engaged in their own development and learning, we insist upon pupils taking responsibility in order to be ready for learning be it excellent attendance and punctuality, organisation by having the correct equipment and high uniform standards. We also know this is a partnership and we thank you for your continuing support to ensure your children maintain these high standards.

Punctuality to school

I would also like to thank all students who make every effort to be in school on time ready for tutor time and assemblies. I strongly believe that being punctual to school prepares all students for the school day because they are gaining information from their tutors, being part of a whole school assembly and being made ready to work. It is an essential part of life which will carry on as students move into college, further education and employment. I thank all parents who have and continue to support this. If your child has been persistently late in the morning, you will be receiving a letter making you aware of this and the actions we would like you to take to ensure that your child is in school on time. If your child continues to be late the school will be taking further action.

School begins at 8:40am and any pupil arriving after will be considered late.

Any student who comes late more than once a week will be issued a 30 minute detention


All students must have:

  • Two writing pens (blue)
  • One pencil (HB)
  • One green pen
  • One plastic ruler (metal rulers not allowed in school
  • A clear pencil case to keep all of the above in
  • A Starbank planner – (if a student do not have one of these, a replacement will be issued.

Student’s equipment and uniform standards will be checked daily. Students who do not have the correct equipment will be issued with a replacement and given until the following morning to return this and show their won equipment.

Failure to do so will result in a 30 minutes same day/a detention.


I would like to thank all parents and students who make every effort to keep to our uniform regulations. You will find our uniform guide below as well as on our website. I would like to remind you that all students must wear black shoes – not trainers, pumps, boots or footwear with logos. During this time, boots must then be put away into a plastic bag and then a school bag. Shoes must then be worn around the school. I would also like to remind you about our rules regarding jewellery, make up, facial piercings and hair colour/styles which are clearly explained in the guidelines.

  • Outdoor jacket are not allow to be worn indoors at any time
  • Blazers must be worn at all time
  • Ties must be worn at all times

My expectations are that all students will return after February half term in full school uniform.

Details of Secondary School UniformPE Kit

All our uniform is available to buy from:

Clive Mark School wear (Sheldon branch)
2282 Coventry Rd,
Sheldon, Birmingham,
B26 3JR

Mobile phones and Headphones/air pods

  • If a pupil has a mobile phone in school they are required to keep it switched off and out of sight at all times
  • School staff have the rights and will confiscate any mobile phone and headphone/air pods if seen. These items will only be returned to parents
  • Starbank School takes no liability for the loss or damage of any personally owned devices as devices brought to school by students is done so at their own risk.

Best wishes

Mr. S. Tonks
Secondary Deputy Head teacher

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Uniform letter 14.2.20