Dear pupil,

On behalf of all of your teachers, I want to wish you the very best as you complete your exams over the next few weeks.

Exams are important and will help to shape your future studies and career. I know that this has been a difficult year with COVID-19 causing absence, disruption to your learning and anxiety about the future. However, I also know that you have worked hard to keep learning, improve in every subject and strive to achieve your targets. To prepare for exams, you have also given up things that you enjoy doing, spent extra time in school, and dedicated yourself to more study and practice at home.

As these exams are important, and because we have seen how hard you have worked, we are all hoping for you to do well.

However, what we really want is for you to stay safe, happy and well. And, we really want you to be good to your family and friends – and stay true to yourself, your values and your character. These things are far more important in life than exams and exam results.

As important as they are, exam grades do not decide how much you are worth. They do not show everything that you know, all the amazing talent that you have and all the good that you do for yourself and others every day. Whatever grades you achieve, your teachers and parents know how very special you are – and no exam grades will ever change that. We are – and always will be –  very proud of you.

So, over the next few days and weeks, prepare as well as you can for these exams. However, please also be good to yourself.

Eat at the right time, make sure you get lots of sleep, remember to do some of the things that make you happy and make time for your family and your friends. Most importantly of all, remind yourself that everything will be fine, regardless of the exam results that you achieve. Your best days lie ahead of you. Stay hopeful and keep going.

You are in our thoughts over the next few days and weeks. I wish you every success.

Yours faithfully,

Sir (Mufti) Hamid Patel CBE
Chief Executive
Star Academies