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Our Aim: To teach our children well

Our Aim: To teach our children well

Our Aim: To provide a secure and caring environment

Our Aim: To help pupils become contributing members of society

Our Aim: To help pupils become contributing members of society
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Welcome to Starbank School

Starbank has for many years been a very popular and successful primary school. In response to demand for places we became an all-through school from September 2014 onwards. As part of this development a brand new building opened on Hob Moor Road (in September 2016).

This is a very exciting time for Starbank and for our community. We hope you will want to be part of this future.

Your child has great potential. Help them realise it by choosing Starbank.

Gerry Hudson – Executive Head
Satnam Dosanjh – Headteacher


Our Sites

We now have over 1500 pupils across three sites, close to the boundary between Bordesley Green and South Yardley. Arrangements for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Starbank Road


This is the oldest and most established building where currently there is a large Nursery (all part-time) and classes from Reception up to Year 6.



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Bierton Road


This has undergone extensive refurbishment since we moved in three years ago. It is a Listed Building which was originally built as a school in the 1930s but closed in the 1980s and was due to be demolished until early in 2012 when Starbank was asked to take it over to provide extra places. We have a Nursery (both Part-Time and Full-Time) and classes from Reception up to Year 6.

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Hob Moor Road

We have a brand new flagship school on Hob Moor Road, purposed built and opened in September 2016. This houses both our primary and secondary students. This site includes specialist facilities for Science, Food Technology and Art and Design Technology and features along with computer rooms and 2 iMac suites for Photography and Music Technology.

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Starbank School is an All-Through School

Starbank School is an All-Through school that means that we accommodate pupils in both Primary and Secondary.

Starbank School has Nursery places at Starbank Road and Bierton Road and will have Primary places from Reception to Year 6 on all three sites with 180 places available in total, 60 at each site.

It will be our intention to try and ensure families can have all their primary age children on one site, usually the closest to where they live.

All children from any of our primary sites will automatically be entitled to attend our secondary department on Hob Moor Road.

Our secondary site hosts Year 7 to Year 11 (Currently populated up to Year 9)

Starbank Blog Entries

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Starbank Blog

Blog for Starbank School


Culture Day At Starbank Nursery

We had a wonderful Culture Day in Nursery this week. Lots of children wore their traditional clothes. We tasted fruits and breads from around the world. We looked at photos from different countries and some parents stayed to share their wedding photos with the children. We made flags and looked at maps. Thank you to all […]


Year 2 Rocket Radio – The Seaside Show

Following an unforgettable trip to the beach at Weston Super Mare this half term, Year 2 set to work creating their Rocket Radio show all about the magic of the seaside. Tune in to hear stories, quizzes, reports, history, music, poetry, and all the best memories from their trip! All Year 2 classes from each […]


Adjective Work in 1KS

Today we went out into the garden to explore ladybirds. We investigated what they look like and how they move. Afterwards we used our observations to create an interesting word bank bursting with adjectives and verbs to describe ladybirds. Tomorrow we will use this vocabulary to create our very own ladybird poem in the style […]

We are Animators 2FJ

Look at our fabulous animations of how a plant grows http://<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>   <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

Buying books Second hand books can be found very cheaply in charity shops and, (if you’re lucky!), at car boot sales. Ebay and other auction sites are also worth looking at. Cut price new books can be found at The Works; they have stores on many high streets and they also sell online at […]


4P ECO Park

Children from 4P had an amazing morning at the ECO Park hunting for mini beasts and dipping for water creatures in the ponds. This has helped us with our science topic about classifying animals and thinking about their habitats. This was an amazing trip which we all really enjoyed! The children were really well behaved […]

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