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Starbank Site Newsletter 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back – we hope you had an enjoyable and restful break.  We are very pleased with how our children have settled in well after the summer holiday. They are looking very smart in their new uniforms and are already immersed in their new topics.

This year one of our key focus area in school will be to develop reading.  Please try and support your children by reading with them as much as you can – it is just as important to read books to your child as it is to hear them read to you.

We thank you in advance for all of your support this half term and if you have any queries we are always happy to talk to you.  If you have any concerns about the safety of a child, please contact Mr Riaz as the Safeguarding lead for the Starbank Road site.

Mr Riaz (Deputy Headteacher), Miss Clifford & Miss Majid (Assistant Headteachers)

Year 2 workshops

Year 2 have had a jam-packed first week back in school! On Thursday, 2A and 2S worked with Charlotte from Birmingham’s Hippodrome theatre. First they practised some drama skills and then they applied their knowledge from history lessons to act out the events from the ‘The Great Fire of London’. First, pupils had to get into role as the baker in the shop where it all started, before acting as if they were the fire spreading through the streets. Everyone had a lot of fun and pupils used what they had learnt to write up the events in their history lesson.

Following this, on Friday, Year 2 had another exciting visitor. This time it was Emmi, who came to inform pupils all about the dangers of carbon monoxide in homes. Emmi brought a very special friend with her -Safety Seymour- who taught year 2 about where carbon monoxide comes from and how to make sure our families are safe. Every child in Year 2 received a free carbon monoxide detector alarm, which can be put up in homes to warn families if they are in danger. Safety Seymour loved the children so much that he is going to take it in turns to stay in each child’s house- please look after him and return him to school after 3 days!

Year 3 Stone Age Studies

For Topic, Year 3 having been exploring the super Stone Age! Pupils began their Topic by exploring what it was like to be living during this Age and how individuals had to survive. They learnt that Stone Age people were known as hunter-gatherers and used animals for many purposes. Pupils created paintings of the Stonehenge and made some Stone Age jewellery using clay. It was a fantastic experience and they are looking forward to learning lots more about this fascinating time later in the unit!

Year 5 & the Vicious Vikings

In Year 5 this term, children are learning all about the Vikings. During their topic lessons, pupils have had the opportunity to research about this interesting era and explore how life completely differed between now and then. Year 5 pupils investigated how important working collaboratively within Viking tribes was during the 8th and 11th century and they were able to role-play different Viking situations that would have occurred on a day to day to basis.  All pupils handmade a range of armour and other Viking objects using everyday materials – these not only supported their role-play scenarios but also helped them to visualise how vital different resources and equipment were for all Viking men, women and children during this period. All year 5 pupils have taken a real interest in this topic and have learnt so many facts about ‘The Vikings’, with many more facts to come!

Community News

Information Surgery

For support with form filling, gas/electric bills, immigration, telephone calls
Every Thursday, 10.00 – 2pm – Appointment only

English Classes

Reading & Writing Monday 9am
Speaking only Monday 12:30pm

Come to Pinder House for more information

Food Bank

Starbank School has built up some strong links with The Trussell Trust and The Rt Hon Liam Bryne MP and as such we are collecting food donations for the local Food Bank to help feed vulnerable individuals and families in crisis. Donation boxes are in the reception areas on site – please support us by donating anything you can.

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 24th September
Y1 visit to Mount Pleasant Farm

Friday 11th October
Photograph Day

Tuesday 15th October
Maths Day

Friday 25th October
Break up for half term

Monday 4th November
Autumn 2 starts

Mon 4th – Fri 8th November
Book fair in school

Wed 6th & Thurs 7th November
Parents Evening

Friday 8th November
Reception Tapestry Workshop

Monday 11th November
Family Photographs

Mon 11th – 15th November
Kingswood Residential

Friday 15th November
Year 4 Arts Award Day


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If your child is poorly please phone 0121 464 2638 and use option 1 then 2 leaving a message with the following information before 9:30am

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